Fugitives Charged In Michigan Ponzi Scheme Captured By U.S. Marshals, Police In Tennessee; Rita Gosselin And Husband Had Been On The Lam Since April

CAPTURED: Rita Gosselin

In December 2009, Rita Gosselin was indicted for racketeering in Michigan. Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox said she was at the helm of a real-estate Ponzi scheme involving promissory notes.

In April 2010, Gosselin, 58, was alleged to have cut a monitoring device and fled the the state with her husband, Richard Gosselin, 62.

The couple was captured yesterday in Tennessee by the U.S. Marshals Service and the Humboldt Police Department.

Meanwhile, a Nevada couple charged earlier this week in a Ponzi case remains on the lam. Perry and Rachelle Griggs disappeared in January 2010.

Perry Griggs operated the scheme while he was incarcerated in federal prison for another Ponzi scheme, authorities said.

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