NOTE TO READERS: PP Blog Back Again; Criminals Try To Make Mincemeat Out Of 1st Amendment; CEO Of Small Company In North Carolina Stands Up For Press Freedom

UPDATED 1:42 P.M. ET (U.S.A.) The PP Blog has returned. A major series of assaults on the Blog — and press freedom under the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — have been turned back. Five federal agencies are aware of the attacks. Evidence has been preserved.

The Blog has established a satellite presence and certain redundancies, enabling its content to be published across multiple platforms. All content has been preserved, including more than 9,000 comments from readers, some of whom are victims of Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, MLM-style frauds and other forms of fraud.

It is said that the last couple of months leading up to an election in the United States is the “Silly Season” in which political operatives get downright dirty.

Unlike the Silly Season for political operatives, however, the Silly Season for online criminals has no generally restrained window of opportunity and no generally accepted beginning or end. It never really ends. Criminals want to continue to steal from senior citizens and people of faith, for instance. They want to shackle and hamstring the law-enforcement community. They want to position poison as candy and coopt people through appeals to greed — and they want to disable megaphones large and small.

One week ago today, a new assault against the PP Blog began, the second in eight days. The Blog’s online “signature” was removed for security reasons. The signature popped back online briefly Friday, and a massive assault that ultimately consumed hundreds of MB of data (just to record the first couple of hours of the attack in text form) began instantly. Again the Blog’s signature was removed for security reasons.

The Blog’s signature returned Saturday; yet-another assault began.

Over the past several days, the data and security challenge were analyzed. A specialist painstakingly deployed an approach designed to thwart the attack. The Blog’s signature returned yesterday afternoon, as did the attackers. The attack was professionally managed and suppressed.

Owing to the intervention of an entity and certain individuals who do not trivialize the Blog’s editorial mission and the 1st Amendment, the PP Blog has survived to publish this post.

We confess that we were overcome with emotion when the Blog and its editorial well of 965 stories and thousands of links appeared back online yesterday afternoon.

One of the great ironies of the situation is that some criminals and fraudsters on the Internet insist that they are the victims of Big Brother and what has become known as the “evilGUBment.” They rationalize egregious criminal behavior, in some cases portraying themselves as patriots and modern-day freedom-fighters.

Some of them, apparently, trash the very same Constitution they claim to support by summoning hidden armies and weaponizing data packets to attack the very Constitutional principles they purport to embrace.

The PP Blog was attacked to make the world safer for criminals — this while wealth in Florida and many other places on the map is bleeding out into the Caribbean and elsewhere and terrorists are creating toner bombs and underwear bombs and hoping to rivet the world’s attention on a detonation.

Our heartfelt thanks to Kevin Kwasnik, CEO and Founder of USA Domains, a hosting company in Hickory. N.C., that stood up for the principle that a free press will not be denied in a Democracy.

In a world in which criminals and hucksters paint investigators who probe domestic and international fraud and journalists who write about it as Nazis, Kevin Kwasnik stood up for a small Blog in a sea of Blogs.

His family understands attempts to silence voices, and the lessons have been passed down through succeeding generations from a place known as Auschwitz, the largest of the concentration camps operated by the real Nazis.

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7 Responses to “NOTE TO READERS: PP Blog Back Again; Criminals Try To Make Mincemeat Out Of 1st Amendment; CEO Of Small Company In North Carolina Stands Up For Press Freedom”

  1. I will agree with Patrick here. I’ve used USA Domains for over 10 years, and understand the high level of customer service this company gives to even their smallest customers. They treat everyone well, from large corporate clients, to me and my not so interesting website. Regardless of the fees paid for their services, everyone gets the required attention to solve whatever issues arise. You don’t find this level of service in the majority of web hosts. Most could care less once they get your money.

  2. Neat article. Did anyone else get their ad surf daily remission email? I did and the forms get mailed starting tomorrow. I know many people are happy and many are shaking in their boots.

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  4. Congrats on getting your site back up and running Patrick. As has been said elsewhere you know you must be doing something right when those who do wrong work so hard to try to shut you down. You’re a champ man, keep up the great work.

  5. Patrick:

    It is great to have you back. Glad to know that justice prevailed, and hopefully it will in a big way to those who perpetrated this attack. Glad to know there are web hosts that do care about our freedoms, as well as provide superior customer service. Kudos to Kevin Kwasnik for his solution to this attack.

  6. I can’t believe how persistent those boys and girls can be.

  7. Congratulations on your baptism of fire. These scammers have no good sense of humor. DOS attacks are why I host the MLM Watchdog on homestead. Their servers all are under 1 IP address so their DOS attack reactions are instant. Any help ? Let me know!

    Rod Cook
    MLM Watchdog