BULLETIN: At Least 2 People Shot At Gardena High School Near Los Angeles; Teen Taken Into Custody On Live TV As Confusing Scene Plays Out

At least two people have been shot at Gardena High School near Los Angeles, KTLA is reporting.

Early reports from a host of media sources were wildly conflicting. The first reports described a situation in which a gunman who had shot three people had either fled the scene or was holed up inside a classroom, putting the public, students, teachers and police at continued risk.

Later reports suggested the shootings were accidental and occurred when a gun that had been inside a backpack under the control of a 16-year-old student discharged inside the school.

How a gun got inside the school undetected, why a backpack would be used to conceal a gun and why a high school sophomore would be in possession of a gun on school property were not immediately clear. The 16-year-old student was taken into custody as the confusing drama played out on live TV.

The conditions of the victims were not immediately known. Ambulances were at the scene. One student was reported to have suffered a gunshot wound to the head. A second student was reported to have been grazed by the same bullet.

Prior to the detention of the student, heavily armed police were seen with weapons drawn outside a building on the campus. Gardena, a city of about 57,700, is in Los Angeles County. Gardena High School is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

A police officer, perhaps fearing that an adult seen exiting a room was standing in the line of fire of a shooter, was seen pulling the adult away from a doorway. The adult, described as a teacher, tumbled to the ground.

A short time later students were seen streaming from the room. The scene was confusing because some of the students were seen holding their hands in the air, an image that suggested a gunman could have been forcing them them to leave the room at gunpoint and force them to walk as hostages in front of police.

NOTE: This dramatic video from KTLA shows the scene as it evolved, including the teacher being pulled from the doorway by an officer as armed police and a sniper stood nearby — and students coming out with their hands up. The scene originally was broadcast live.

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