Florida Captures ‘Most Wanted’ Insurance Fraudster; Erline Telfort Accused Of Operating Ponizi Scheme To Steal From Finance Company

Florida officials have announced the capture of Erline Telfort, one of the states “Most Wanted” insurance criminals.

Telfort, of Broward County, was accused of operating a $500,000 Ponzi scheme and defrauding a finance company. Her arrest was announced by Jeff Atwater, the chief financial officer of Florida.

“This arrest is a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication of our fraud investigators,” said Atwater.  “For too long scam artists like these have been allowed to steal hard earned money from honest Floridians.”

Florida has been plagued by Ponzi schemes and other forms of financial fraud. Atwater implemented a website that flashes pictures of wanted hucksters. The idea behind the site, according to Atwater, is to engage “Floridians in the search for scammers who have eluded law enforcement.”

Telfort, 29, was charged with organized fraud and criminal conspiracy. After her capture, the state published her photo, superimposing the word “CAPTURED” in red type to drive home the point that investigators and members of the public have a new tool to keep information on alleged criminals flowing.

The names and photos of “Most Wanted” subjects who remain at large repeatedly load on the site. The state is offering tipsters rewards of up to $25,000 “for information that directly leads to an arrest and conviction in an insurance fraud scheme.”

“I can assure you my office is up to the challenge of uncovering these schemes and continuing to bring the perpetrators to justice,” Atwater said.

In his role as Florida’s CFO, Atwater oversees the state’s Department of Financial Services, including the Division of Insurance Fraud.

Visit the “Most Wanted” site.

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