BULLETIN: Google Says Justice Department Is Investigating Its Advertising Program; Search Giant Sets Aside $500 Million, Notes ‘Potential Resolution’

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BULLETIN: Google disclosed in a regulatory filing yesterday that its advertising program was under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice. The company announced that it has taken a charge of $500 million “in connection with a potential resolution.”

The Mountain View, Calif.-based firm provided few details of the probe, and did not say whether the investigation was targeting AdWords, AdSense or another facet of its advertising platform. The charge reduced Google’s first-quarter net income to about $1.8 billion.

AdWords is an auction-based system that enables advertisers to place ads on the Google network; AdSense is a program that distributes the ads. AdSense publishers earn fees when website visitors click on the ads.

This ambiguous note appeared in the filing:

“In May 2011, in connection with a potential resolution of an investigation by the United States Department of Justice into the use of Google advertising by certain advertisers, we accrued $500 million for the three month period ended March 31, 2011. Although we cannot predict the ultimate outcome of this matter, we believe it will not have a material adverse effect on our business, consolidated financial position, results of operations, or cash flows.”

Google did not identify the “certain” advertisers, say whether the advertisers also were under scrutiny or were viewed by the government as potential victims. Nor did the firm say when it had come under investigation or how long it had known about the probe.

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3 Responses to “BULLETIN: Google Says Justice Department Is Investigating Its Advertising Program; Search Giant Sets Aside $500 Million, Notes ‘Potential Resolution’”

  1. The noose is tightening. This is an indicator they are now targeting the work from home scams that are out there, and especially those that play off the “Google” name. At last count this was approaching 1,000 scams using Google’s name. This is going to be interesting to follow, as I believe it will have major repercussions in the work from home arena; and possibly to Google as well. Next up will be Microsoft’s ad program.

  2. Google was ‘warned repeatedly’ about rogue drug ads

    Google was warned repeatedly by US state and Canadian regulators and independent watchdogs that it was running ads from online pharmacies that were breaking US laws, according to a report citing interviews with those involved in the situation, as well as public documents.

  3. Thanks for that, Tony.