PAT KILEY: ‘There Seems To Be Some Distortions’ In SEC Recordings Of Radio Show; Meanwhile, Accused Schemer Says Trevor Cook ‘Acted Like Pontius Pilate’

Trevor Cook (pictured) employed a "sick" web designer who declared himself "Trevor's bitch," according to former radio host Pat Kiley. Kiley says he also employed the designer, but fired him after determining he had a high "sleaze factor." Kiley compared Cook to Pontius Pilate.

In pro se court filings, accused Minnesota schemer Pat Kiley says recordings of his radio show presented on CD for his examination and verification by the SEC in the civil case against him are unreliable. Meanwhile, Kiley described his civil co-defendant Trevor Cook as acting “like Pontius Pilate,” the Roman prefect many Christians believe authorized the crucifixion of Jesus.

Kiley, 72, was accused by the SEC in 2009 of hawking the scam on his radio show, “Follow The Money.” The same phrase became part of the American lexicon during the Watergate-era administration of President Richard Nixon, when it was uttered by “Deep Throat,” a then-unidentified source used by Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward. The Watergate scandal also featured recordings — and those recordings led to Nixon’s downfall.

The SEC recordings of his radio show are not fair and accurate, Kiley advised a federal judge, because of dozens of “distortions” in the recordings.

“There seems to be some distortions,” Kiley said repeatedly, referring to recordings of his radio programs in January, February, March, April, May and June of 2009.

And because of those distortions, which occurred at various times in the recordings, “Kiley denies that the file . . . is fair and accurate,” Kiley said.

Cook, who was charged criminally, is serving a 25-year sentence in federal prison. Both Cook and Kiley were sued by the SEC and CFTC, and the civil portion of the case has taken a turn toward the bizarre.

On May 19, Kiley asked a federal judge to sanction a CFTC attorney $1,000 and make the penalty payable to Kiley. Kiley asserts the CFTC lawyer filed an “offensive” pleading.

Yesterday, in filings in the SEC case, Kiley raised the issues of the purported distortions in the recordings and compared Cook to Pilate. The Pilate comparison occurred after the SEC asked Kiley to admit he was responsible for the content of the website.

“Kiley denies any responsibility for the content of the website at,” he advised the judge. “Kiley not only had to contend with Cook’s control of the website but also had to contend with another of Cook’s ‘cast of characters’ . . . ”

A member of that cast was a web designer, Kiley said.

Kiley said he had hired the designer, but fired him “after about a month or so” because of his high “sleaze factor.”

Kiley did not say precisely how he calculated sleaze factors when making personnel decisions. But he claimed that he “caught” the designer saying things to prospective clients that “were not accurate” and causing problems on the website.

After Kiley fired the designer for his purportedly high sleaze factor, the designer went to work for Cook, Kiley claimed.

Kiley further became alienated with the designer after the designer described himself as “Trevor’s bitch,” Kiley claimed.

The “bitch” remark, Kiley said, “was a very ‘sick’ comment for any human being to make about themselves.”

“By this time Kiley was totally fed up with the website because it had become nothing more than a ‘literary bordello,'” Kiley informed the judge.

Kiley concluded his answer to the SEC by giving it advice on how to conduct itself in court.

“Kiley is wondering if the SEC uses ‘confusion’ as a strategy and if so, then Kiley recommends that they change direction,” he said in yesterday’s filing.

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