URGENT >> BULLETIN >> MOVING: Jury Recommends Death Penalty For E-Bullion Operator James Fayed

BULLETIN: The jury that returned the guilty verdict against James Fayed for the murder of his estranged wife in July 2008 has recommended the death penalty.

James Fayed, 48, was found guilty May 19 in the murder-for-hire slaying of Pamela Fayed. On May 20, the penalty phase of the case began — and the jury returned the death recommendation today.

Pamela Fayed, 44, was slashed to death in a California parking garage on July 28, 2008.

James Fayed, the operator of E-Bullion and an emerging figure in the AdSurfDaily Ponzi case, paid $25,000 to have his wife killed and then plotted to kill the hit men, prosecutors said.

Pamela Fayed was a potential witness against her husband over financial matters. Court records show that E-Bullion had been linked to multiple Ponzi schemes.

Sentencing for James Fayed is scheduled for Sept. 22.

Three other men have been charged with Pamela Fayed’s killing.

Steven Vicente Simmons, 22, stabbed her, prosecutors said.

Jose Luis Moya, 50, a Fayed employee, was paid $25,000 to arrange the murder, and Gabriel Jay Marquez, 46, acted as lookout, prosecutors said.

E-Bullion is referenced in court or regulatory documents in the ASD Ponzi case, the Legisi Ponzi case, the Gold Quest International Ponzi case and the FEDI fraud scheme. A  mysterious enterprise known as the “Alpha Project”also is referenced along with FEDI in filings in Canada.

This chilling document from the Ontario Securities Commission references both FEDI and the Alpha Project — and appears to make a veiled reference to Pamela Fayed.

From a 2003 filing by the Ontario Securities Commission. Click on link above to read entire document.

See earlier story.

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3 Responses to “URGENT >> BULLETIN >> MOVING: Jury Recommends Death Penalty For E-Bullion Operator James Fayed”

  1. Even if the judge agrees and gives him the death penalty, he will die of natural causes long before they execute him. We have a death penalty out here in name only.

    If my memory serves me correctly, we have people on death row for longer than 20 years, and some for more than 30 years. If you want the death penalty to be effective, you have to put them to death for their crimes within two years, not 30 years later.

  2. Don’t know how I missed this. Not being a great fan of the doctrine of an eye for an eye, I vote for a lifetime behind bars anyway, so that this individual is deprived of an easy way out for the suffering he has caused.

    In any event and contrary to popular opinion, the cost to the taxpayer of putting him to death is far higher than a life sentence. The following report (which is one of many) is not from bleeding heart liberals either – it is from the not-exactly-liberal Fox News.


  3. […] it also notes that E-Bullion, the shuttered California payment processor whose operator, James Fayed, was convicted in May of […]