AdSurfDaily/Golden Panda Figure Clarence Busby Jr. Filed Pro Se Lawsuit Against Bank, 1,000 ‘Does’; ‘Plaintiff Has No Knowledge Of The True Names And Identities Of Any Or All Of The Real Lenders’

Even as bank failures and  foreclosures were piling up in Georgia last year, a man associated with at least four failed autosurf companies was filing lawsuits against mortgage companies and 1,000 “Doe” defendants amid claims he did not know the “true names” of the “real lenders.”

Clarence Busby Jr. of Acworth, Ga., advised a Cobb County judge that it was “long standing black letter Mortgage law” from the 19th century that he should receive foreclosure relief from Quicken Loans, OneWest Bank, a service company and the “Does.”

In January 2011, the defendants moved to have the cases removed to federal court in Northern Georgia and filed for dismissal. The dismissal was granted in March.

A street address for Busby that appeared in both the county and federal filings corresponds with an address used by Biz Ad Splash NA LLC (BAS) in Georgia corporate filings dated May 13, 2009. BAS was an autosurf associated with Busby that went missing last year. Busby also was the president of Golden Panda Ad Builder, yet another autosurf, and a onetime business partner of Thomas A. “Andy” Bowdoin, the operator of the Florida-based AdSurfDaily autosurf.

The address BAS used in the Georgia filings was a mail drop, according to records.

Bowdoin was arrested in December 2010. The U.S. Secret Service said he had presided over an international Ponzi scheme that had gathered at least $110 million. Assets tied to both Bowdoin and Busby were seized as part of the ASD/Golden Panda probe, which also involved an autosurf known as LaFuenteDinero.

Busby was implicated in three prime-bank schemes by the SEC in the 1990s and was enjoined from violating securities laws by a federal judge. An FDIC-insured bank that once held Golden Panda funds failed in April 2011.

Georgia leads the United States in bank failures, with Florida nipping on its heels. Both states also are high on the list of mortgage foreclosures. Foreclosures tend to lower the value of surrounding properties.

Busby has described himself in court filings as a minister and real-estate professional. The actions in Cobb County that were removed to federal court were filed pro se, meaning Busby acted as his own attorney.

The defendants in the cases claimed Busby was seeking to “invalidate and/or void” in its “entirety” a $120,000 security instrument held on a property in Marietta, Ga.

Records suggest the property has been bought and sold twice in recent months for wildly different prices.

Among Busby’s claims in the Cobb County lawsuit was that the “true names and identities of any or all” of the “real” lenders, investors and others involved in his mortgage “were hidden from the plaintiff.”

BAS, which purported to be headquartered offshore, entered the autosurf world in January 2009 — after the ASD, Golden Panda and LaFuenteDinero-related asset seizures.

The entry of BAS began with the stern bang of a drum and a dire message in a promotional video: “The World Is In Crisis,” the video warned. “Turn On The News, And You’ll See. The Stock Market Is At A Record Low. Foreclosures Are At An All-Time High. Thousand’s (sic) Are Losing Their Jobs. Banks Are Closing. There Has To Be A Solution!”

The dire bang of the drum faded, replaced by a riff from an organ. The riff grew frantic, building toward a crescendo. The video never said the tones were from a 1999 work by Fatboy Slim: “Right Here, Right Now.”

Messages flashed in front of viewers’ eyes for more than a minute before the video announced the company’s name — BizAdSplash — and positioned the surf as the cure for all the economic misery in the world.

“Biz Ad Splash Has The Answer,” it said. “The Plan Is Simple. Advertise Your Business, A Product Or Service, Introduce Others To The Value Of Advertising. View A Few Ads For A Few Minutes A Day. Earn Profits. It’s That Simple!”

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6 Responses to “AdSurfDaily/Golden Panda Figure Clarence Busby Jr. Filed Pro Se Lawsuit Against Bank, 1,000 ‘Does’; ‘Plaintiff Has No Knowledge Of The True Names And Identities Of Any Or All Of The Real Lenders’”

  1. So much for BAS solving the world’s economic problems. Was there anyone in ASD, Golden Panda, La Fuente Dinero, AVGA, BAS and AGW that has one working brain cell?

    I can’t wait to see Andy’s video. It is going to be a hoot. For someone who was supposed to be so ill that it created a hardship on him to travel to DC for his trial, he sure looked pretty good to me in the picture sent announcing Andy’s Army.

    When I think of Andy, astute, honorable, and successful businessman do not come to mind; nor with Clarence Busby. But certifiable pathological and sociopath do.

    Get ready folks, it is just starting to get crazy. These people have taken crazy to a whole new art form and level almost beyond belief; and they are just getting warmed up. This is better than a soap opera.

  2. “Clarence Busby Jr. of Acworth, Ga., advised a Cobb County judge that it was “long standing black letter Mortgage law” from the 19th century”

    This is going to be tossed out court so fast, he will not be able to blink.

  3. Boris, it’s already been thrown out.

  4. […] former autosurf operator Clarence Busby Jr. filed a lawsuit last year last seeking relief from from a bank and other parties involved in a mortgage foreclosure against […]

  5. This is a “sovereign citizen” in the auto surf business. A match made in hell. Most of the “sovereigns” know enough to put their names on the papers even if they are capitalized and in red ink. They love law from the 19th century as if nothing has happened in the country since the Civil War.

  6. I think some of the more cynical amongst us would conclude Mr Busby is less of a sovereign citizen and more of a professional fraudster who recognizes the sovereign movement and its’ supporters as perfect affinity fraud candidates.

    Come to think of it, I suppose it doesn’t take a great deal of work to convince someone who believes in some of the crackpot theories that autosurfs are the future of business and one can become stinkin’ rich by selling places on an autosurf companies’ rotator.