Effort To Raise Funds To Stone ‘Goliath’ With $50 ‘Rocks’ In Federal Court Apparently Delayed Owing To Need To Perform More ‘Testing’

Andy Bowdoin has been positioned as "David" in a courtroom clash with "Goliath."

“David” apparently needs five more days of “testing” before he can equip himself properly to stone “Goliath” with $50 “rocks” in federal court.

A fundraising website for accused felon and MLM huckster Thomas A. “Andy” Bowdoin missed its advertised launch date Friday. Bowdoin, 76, was positioned as “David” on a “temporary” site that advertised his purported need to start an “official” site to raise a “minimum” of $500,000 to do battle with the government, which was positioned as “Goliath.”

The “temporary” site now has announced that the launch date of the “official” site has been “revised.” Bowdoin won’t begin collecting cash for $50 “rocks” until July 20, five days later than advertised.

Bowdoin, the head of Florida-based AdSurfDaily, was accused in December 2010 by federal prosecutors in the District of Columbia of wire fraud, securities fraud and selling unregistered securities.

ASD was a Ponzi scheme that had gathered at least $110 million, prosecutors said.

“As of today, July 15th, the launching of the Official Website for Andy’s Fundraising Army is in it’s (sic) final stages of creation & systems testing, and the new launch date is on target for this coming Wednesday, July 20th. (sic) only 5 days from now.”

Bowdoin has been described in federal court filings as being “tardy” on certain pleadings. The fundraising website also appears to be tardy.

ASD never told members that Bowdoin was involved in a previous securities swindle before he launched ASD in 2006, according to federal prosecutors.

And he never told incoming members that the original iteration of ASD collapsed under the weight of a Ponzi scheme in 2007 and that new members were paying his original set of victims when ASD later relaunched under a different name, prosecutors said.

Prior to a U.S. Secret Service raid on ASD in August 2008, the firm’s website was inaccessible for days at a time, according to members.

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2 Responses to “Effort To Raise Funds To Stone ‘Goliath’ With $50 ‘Rocks’ In Federal Court Apparently Delayed Owing To Need To Perform More ‘Testing’”

  1. Hmmn,

    perhaps Bowdoins’ good friend, George Bush has run into some difficulties expediting approval of the sites’ 501(c) status.

  2. Yeah, kinda sad someone with a “Presidential Achievement Award” is having to pander in order to defend against what he did to get that “award”. I think that maybe Andy’s “Money Magnet” has changed it’s polarity.

    He has enough money to hire Tari Steward, the same guy that helped him take from the former ASD membership and Andy has the email database. Of course he’s going to use it. That’s why I have his name and email address filtered to go into the trash, so he knows how I feel about his monetary magnetism.