BULLETIN: Mark D. Leitner Faces Up To 13 More Years In Federal Prison After Pleading Guilty To Filing False Liens For Tens Of Billions Of Dollars Against Public Officials

Already a federal prisoner in a tax case, Mark D. Leitner has pleaded guilty in federal court in Florida to charges he filed bogus “maritime” liens for tens of billions of dollars against a former U.S. Attorney, “numerous” Assistant U.S. Attorneys, a former court clerk and a criminal investigator for the IRS.

Leitner sought $48.489 billion from each of the officials and exposed private information about five of them, federal prosecutors said.

In addition to the guilty plea on the false-liens charges, he pleaded guilty to impeding the IRS, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said Leitner also “filed and mailed numerous harassing and frivolous documents to the courts and personnel involved in this case.”

Leitner was sentenced to a five-year term last year in a tax case. He retaliated against officials both during and after the trial by filing bogus liens, prosecutors said.

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