Inc? MPB Today Back In The News, But Is Press Release Dated Yesterday Accurate? MLM ‘Opportunity’ Was Subject Of Bizarre Promos Last Year, Including 1 In Which Obama Was Painted As Nazi And Hillary Clinton Was Cast As Bawling Drunk


Screen shot of a section of a news release for the MPB Today MLM "opportunity" that appeared yesterday on the website of the San Francisco Chronicle. It also appeared on Yahoo News and other sites. The release claims MPB Today is a corporation, but that does not appear to be the case, according to records in Florida.

A Florida grocery company with an MLM arm is back in the news — but a press release that describes MPB Today as a corporation may not be accurate.

The press release dated yesterday is titled “MPBtoday Inc. Announces New Openings in Pensacola, Florida.” The release does not describe the purported “new openings,” and records in the state of Florida suggest that MPB Today is not a registered corporation entitled to use the “Inc.” designation.

Rather, MPB Today — without the “Inc.” designation — appears to be operating as a fictitious arm of a vitamin and supplements company known as Le330 Inc., according to Florida records. Although MPB Today appears at one time to have used the “Inc.” designation, records suggest it did so inappropriately.

MPB Today is tied to a Pensacola-based grocery company known as Southeastern Delivery. In 2010, check-waving videos and websites for MPB Today appeared in scores of places. Some of the promos showed checks with the MPB Today “Inc.” designation. Others showed the name “Mpb Today” with no “Inc.” designation. Still others showed the name of Southeastern Delivery LLC.

The press release issued yesterday appears to be an affiliate promo that has been carried by multiple news and information outlets. In addition to using the “Inc.” designation in a bold headline, the release uses this information deck:

“Brand new company has opened in Pensacola, Florida, offering affiliates and consumers the opportunity to earn unlimited income and eliminate your grocery and gas bill.”

Here is the opening paragraph of the news release:

“MPBtoday Inc., a new company out of Florida that has several grocery warehouses in Florida, is now spreading into Alabama and soon nationwide and up into Canada.”

The release also uses the names of Walmart and Sam’s Club:

“MPBtoday offers affiliates a chance to earn a very good income,” according to the release. “Plus, every time people sign up, affiliates get paid, and every time six people sign up through their organization, they will receive a $200 gift card where affiliates go to Wal-mart & SamsClub to get groceries & gas.”

On Sept. 24, 2010 — nearly a year ago — Le330 Inc. canceled the fictitious name of MPB Today Inc., according to Florida records.

Why is is being used in press releases a year later was not immediately clear.

Among other places, the press release appeared on SFGate, the home of the San Francisco Chronicle. It also appeared on Yahoo News.

In 2010, bizarre promotions for MPB Today appeared online, including one in which President Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton were depicted as Nazis. Clinton was further depicted as a bawling drunk who knocked out First Lady Michelle Obama in the Oval Office.

Michelle Obama was depicted as experiencing an embarrassing gas attack in the Oval Office after having sampled beans at a Sam’s Club Store. Some MPB affiliates claimed the company was affiliated with Walmart and had been endorsed by the U.S. government.

Some promoters tried to drive business to their downlines by claiming MPB Today had liars in its midst and that it was important to sign up under a nonlying member. The purported opportunity also was promoted on the Ponzi boards and targeted at Food Stamp recipients, Ponzi scheme victims, foreclosure subjects, senior citizens and college students.

Impoverished MPB Today prospects should sell $200 worth of Food Stamps to a “friend, family member or whoever” to raise cash to join MPB Today, according to an affiliate’s news release last year.

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  1. Several Adlandpro pimps have never stopped promoting variations of MPB. Jim Allen111 has put up a new site [link removed: Admin]. He has been advertising MPB on his adlandpro profile for months. Look at the popimp signature. [link removed: Admin]

    His associate Wanda Rawlins makes videos for the Jim Allen pimp.She is extolled as his marketing guru on many forums and social networking sites including Adlandpro and Twitter. [link removed: Admin]

  2. I find it highly amusing that fraudsters like to hide behind incorporation.

    * Incorporation is usually done to protect the officers of the incorporated body and NOT its’ clients.

    * Incorporation in Florida can be done online for around $265 and for considerably less in other states.

    * Incorporation does NOT provide protection against criminal acts undertaken in the name of the incorporated body (ask Andy Bowdoin whether the fact ASD was an incorporated body has made a bit of difference)

  3. They can try to re-invent themselves all they want, but unless they get the major promoters like Ken Russo, Faith Sloan, Manolo, and a few others back onboard, this will go nowhere fast. Since all of them have already made all they can out of this program, they have moved on to other scams to promote. So this is going to crash and burn really fast no matter how hard they try to re-invent themselves.

    It also seems they are not relying on the Internet or E-mail to promote it either. I have received two calls telling me about this wonderful opportunity that were left on my voice mail. Only wish I had been home to talk with them. Wonder what they would have thought about their wonderful program if I had talked with them? LOL!

  4. Lynn

    MPBT is bugging me. I hammered them about a year ago. Mathematically they should be crashing and burning! However I only have 3 complaints on them? This a weird! They should be dying or dead and gone off to the nether regions of Hades.

    Rod Cook
    MLM Watchdog