Andy Bowdoin’s Fundraising Website Offline; Reason Why Unclear

Andy Bowdoin

A website through which accused Ponzi schemer Andy Bowdoin of Florida-based AdSurfDaily hoped to raise $500,000 to pay for his criminal defense has been offline for at least 11 hours. The reason why is unclear.

The site — known as Andy’s Fundraising Army — launched on July 26 after weeks of prelaunch hype and after having missed at least two advertised launch dates. The site’s URL now resolves to a page that beams advertisements.

Bowdoin’s used the website and emails to paint himself the Christian commander of an “Army” that was “fighting mad.” The site used images of David and Goliath and accused the government of “wrong doing” and “suppression.”

In 2008, Bowdoin referred to the Secret Service and federal prosecutors as “Satan,” and compared the seizure of tens of millions of dollars from his 10 bank accounts to the 9/11 terrorists attacks. In a video released July 26, he claimed he was “crucified” and “heavily ridiculed” by two U.S. Attorneys and three Secret Service agents.

Bowdoin’s PR strategy of demonizing the government for seizing the money in August 2008 appears to have backfired. As of last week — after more than two months of fundraising — Bowdoin reportedly was 95 percent short of his $500,000 goal.

Three weeks ago, the government returned $55 million seized in the case to members.

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4 Responses to “Andy Bowdoin’s Fundraising Website Offline; Reason Why Unclear”

  1. Personally, I think it was a repeat attack from those pesky Russian Hackers !!!!!!

  2. Wizzard7: Personally, I think it was a repeat attack from those pesky Russian Hackers !!!!!!

    LOL, Are ya sure it wasn’t that evil gubmint making sure he can’t get the money to defend himself…?

  3. What a surprise.. the site is still down.

  4. Quick note: The minimum length of the outage has surpassed 43 hours now. This was first reported at 11:09 p.m. on Oct. 13. The outage could have started earlier.

    The Facebook companion site is still up, but the link to the fundraising page is loading a page that shows ads, not the “Andy’s Army” page.

    Not much action on the Facebook site this week. Last post is dated yesterday, but it was the first post since Oct. 5.

    Bowdoin asked for “positive testimonials” for the fundraising site more than a month ago. If any came in, they do not appear to have been published on the site — and now there is a sustained outage.

    There reportedly also was an outage in late August. Bowdoin explained that outage was caused by a hurricane.

    “Our Website was down most of the weekend, due to power outages caused by [H]urricane Irene that took our server Offline,” Bowdoin advised members in an email on Aug. 30.