BULLETIN: E-Bullion Operator And Emerging AdSurfDaily Figure James Fayed Formally Sentenced To Death For Contract Slaying Of Estranged Wife; A ‘Cold, Calculating Human Being’

BULLETIN: The Los Angeles Times is reporting (link below) that James Fayed has been formally sentenced to the death penalty for arranging the brutal slashing death of Pamela Fayed, his estranged wife and a potential witness against him.

James Fayed, 48, is an emerging figure in the AdSurfDaily Ponzi case. Federal prosecutors in the District of Columbia said in December 2010 that E-Bullion was used to forward money to ASD, which the U.S. Secret Service described as a massive international Ponzi scheme that used multiple payment venues to amass at least $110 million.

Erma Seabaugh, an ASD member who used E-Bullion, was an ASD trainer, according to the government. Records in Oregon show that Seabaugh, whose assets were seized in the ASD case, was operating a purported “religious” nonprofit firm from Missouri. The purported religious entity was known as Carpe Diem.

Seabaugh’s assets were seized in February 2009, during a period of time in which the AdViewGlobal (AVG)  autosurf was launching and ASD President Andy Bowdoin was morphing into a pro-se litigant and trying to undo his January 2009 decision to submit to the forfeiture of $65.8 million seized by the Secret Service from 10 Bowdoin bank accounts in August 2008. AVG had close ASD ties, according to members.

E-Bullion has been linked to multiple Ponzi schemes, including Legisi, Gold Quest International and FEDI. The FEDI scheme has been linked to Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari, also known as Michael Mixon. Ali Alishtari pleaded guilty in 2009 to financing terrorism and fleecing investors in the FEDI scheme.

FEDI participants could expect to receive payouts deemed “rebates,” according to documents obtained by the Ontario Securities Commission from a FEDI promoter who simultaneously was promoting a mysterious business known as the “Alpha Project.” ASD also used the word “rebates” to describe its payouts, according to court filings.

Ali Alishtari, like ASD’s Bowdoin, contributed money to Republican causes and heralded a purported GOP award for his business acumen, according to documents.

Seabaugh used ASD’s advertising “rotator” to promote an apparent “pyramid scheme” known as StreamlineGold.net, according to federal court filings. Like ASD, Legisi and GoldQuest International, StreamlineGold.net was promoted on Ponzi boards such as TalkGold and MoneyMakerGroup.

Pamela Fayed was stabbed 13 times in a Greater Los Angeles parking garage on July 28, 2008. The Times reported today that James Fayed was seated on a nearby park bench “texting” on his cell phone while his alleged accomplices carried out the slaying.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy described James Fayed as “one cold, calculating human being,” according to the Times. Kennedy formally imposed the death sentence yesterday. The jury that convicted James Fayed in May recommended the sentence.

From the Times (italics added):

The only person within earshot who didn’t react was the victim’s estranged husband who was sitting on a nearby bench “texting on his cellphone, like he doesn’t have a care in the world,” Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy said Thursday, moments before sentencing James Fayed to death for the contract killing.

Read the chilling story in the Times.

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