SPECIAL REPORT: ‘One World One Website’ (OWOW), Phil Piccolo-Associated Entity That Drove Traffic To Text Cash Network, Listed In Wyoming As ‘Inactive – Administratively Dissolved (Tax)’; OWOW-Linked ‘Store’ In New York Appears To Have Lost Capacity To Collect Money Via PayPal

Screen shot: This OWOW "Store" lists a street address in the Bronx and touts a "GRAND OPENING" on an unspecified date. The store URL is linked to PayPal, although the store appears to have lost its ability to collect money via the online payment processor. Separately, the store's apparent parent company -- One World One Website Inc. -- is listed in Wyoming records as "Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax)." Earlier this month, OWOW led the charge to promote Text Cash Network (TCN), according to affiliate promos. OWOW is associated with Phil Piccolo and Joe Reid. Reid has led the conference-call cheerleading for TCN after previously leading the conference-call cheerleading for Data Network Affiliates (DNA), yet another company associated with Piccolo. Reid also has appeared in at least one video for OWOW. Piccolo is known online as the "one-man Internet crime wave" and has a history of threatening critics. Promos for DNA, OWOW and TCN describe the firms as "free" opportunities that create wealth for members.

UPDATED 12:46 P.M. ET (U.S.A.) One World One Website Inc. (OWOW), the company linked to MLM huckster Phil Piccolo, has been listed in Wyoming as “Inactive – Administratively Dissolved (Tax).” The state lists the firm’s “inactive” date as Nov. 10. OWOW’s ownership is not listed, although records suggest the firm organized itself to float 1 billion shares of common stock. Whether the stock was public or private is unclear. Also unclear is whether any actual stock was issued.

Separately, web records show that Text Cash Network (TCN) — a purported text-advertising firm promoted on the OWOW site earlier this month — uses the same four DNS servers and an IP address in the same string as Data Network Affiliates (DNA), another venture linked to Piccolo. Records also suggest that the TCN domain name originally was registered last month through an entity known as OWOW Wholesale Domains before the registration was made private.

Meanwhile, a site known as OWOW Wholesale Direct that uses the One World One Website Inc. logo is soliciting orders for a number of products, including two products OWOW positioned last year as cures or treatments for cancer. The order page links to PayPal. When visitors press the PayPal button, this message appears:

“This recipient is currently unable to receive money.”

If prospects visit the main OWOW website — as opposed to the OWOW Wholesale Direct site — they are told they need to enter the site through an affiliate link to purchase products, including the two purported cancer cures or treatments. When a visitor arrives at the main OWOW site through an affiliate link, they can place items in a shopping cart — but when they are about to be forwarded to the payment page, these messages appear: “This Connection is Untrusted” (Firefox); “The site’s security certificate has expired!” (Google Chrome); “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate” (Internet Explorer).

The presence of the shopping cart on the main OWOW site and the presence of the PayPal buttons on the OWOW Wholesale Direct site suggest the firm or its affiliates provided customers two different ways to pay: PayPal and perhaps an independent credit-card processor whose identity remains unclear because of the problem with the security certificate on the orders site.

Last year, at least one OWOW affiliate traded on the name of the National Institutes of Health.

A graphic on the the OWOW Wholesale Direct site suggests the firm has a “store” in the Bronx at 11 E. 213th Street, “Just two blocks from Gun Hill Road off of Jerome Avenue.”

The headline in the graphic reads, “Earn THOUSANDS Giving Away A FREE Opportunity.”

It is unclear whether OWOW sold franchises to affiliates or operates the store as a self-owned retail outlet. In 2010, DNA claimed affiliates could pay a fee to open their own cell-phone stores.

DNA, however, appears never to have released its promised cell phone or opened any stores. The firm purported to be a player in many businesses, including a license-plate recording business to assist law enforcement, a mortgage-reduction business and an offshore “resorts” business.

In 2010, OWOW claimed that people who sent it money before Nov. 30 (2010) would earn “24% Annual Interest.” If members missed the Nov. 30 date, they’d earn only 18 percent, according to the promo.

The November 2010 email led to questions about whether OWOW was selling unregistered securities as investment contracts.

“Did you know that many PROS are receiving 24% Annual Interest on their money (sic),” the OWOW pitch read in part.  “The deadline for 24% annual interest paid in monthly increments of 2% will end on 11/30/2010 . . .  Any funds deposited thereafter will pay 18% annual interest in monthly increments of 1.5% . . .”

DNA-Like Culture Of Threats Emerging At TCN?

In 2010, DNA threatened critics while trying to manage its operations in an information vacuum. Upon its appearance online early last year, DNA had neither a contact form nor a contact email address on its website. Virtually the same circumstance has presented itself at TCN.

Late last winter — after DNA placed a Gmail address on its site after considerable howling from critics — a person who sent a note to the Gmail address received back an autoresponder message with a headline of “Top 16 Customer Service Issues.”

Item No. 5 on the Top 16 list read: “The D.N.A. Management is Aware of many FALSE Rumors . . . The D.N.A. Legal Department is on top of such and is taking Legal Action . . . You can not become the #1 record breaking company in THE WORLD . . . Without people taking cheap shots at you . . . In the mean time keep on keeping on . . .”

DNA also claimed the reason its original domain registration used privacy protection and an address in the Cayman Islands (while leeching off the name of the U.S. AMBER Alert system) was to prevent management from having to “put up with 100 stupid calls a day.”

TCN, according to an affiliate’s Blog, now is saying this (italics/indentation added):

“The Internet is The WILD WILD WEST when it comes to what people say about anything. The laws are very different today than they were even 3 years ago. They finally passed several laws that will allow a company like T.C.N. to protect it’s (sic) good name and business model. And we will use the full extent of the law to protect T.C.N. when made available to us. Please note that many of these blogs or so called M.L.M. SELF PROCLAIMED CRITICS produced no legal documentation not (sic) substantial facts. Instead they hide behind such disclaimers such as IT IS MY OPINION or SO AND SO SAID OR CLAIMS. Now on the other hand if a Licensed MLM Practicing Attorney were to say such please let us know ASAP. NOTE ALSO: Many people who write these blogs hide behind bogus names, e-mails and even hide their ISP. If you ever come across someone who does slander or prints mis-information about our company and you have a real name and contact information please pass it on to our legal department located in your back office.”

The same TCN affiliate site also suggests there may be tax advantages if prospects enroll in the upstart opportunity.

“T.C.N. Corporate has a 100% separate division set up to call on traditional businesses worldwide. V.I.P. Agent will need to sell only 1 V.I.P. Advertising Package Annually,” according to the affiliate site. “A sale to self to resell, to personally use or to just give it away as a gift would count as such. In fact when you personally use it or give it away as a gift it just may have some tax benefits. Check with a professional tax accountant.”

DNA also touted tax advantages.

And TCN — like DNA before it — also is offering an explanation for why is does not use a contact form or publish a contact email address, according to the TCN affiliate’s  Blog, which is hosted on Blogspot, Google’s free platform (italics/indentation added):

“Text Cash Network Inc is a USA Corporation and is own (sic) 100% by a five year old communication company which is another USA Corporation owned by The Johnson Group. We have not disclosed the communication’s company (sic) name or contact information in fear that THOUSANDS OF AGENTS may or should we say would call them for information prior to our official launch of 12/12/2011. They are not an MLM or Marketing Company set up to handle such incoming calls. Once T.C.N. Customer Service Center is open they could then just re-direct such calls to T.C.N.”

Like OWOW, a company named “The Johnson Group Inc.” is listed in Wyoming records as “Inactive – Administratively Dissolved (Tax).” It is unclear, however, whether The Johnson Group entity in Wyoming is the same firm that owns TCN.

TCN and OWOW use the same registered-agent service in Wyoming, according to records. TCN’s corporate registration became effective on Nov. 8. Records suggest that, just two days later — on Nov. 10 — OWOW’s registration was listed as “Inactive – Administratively Dissolved (Tax).”

Affiliates of TCN say the firm is operating in the region of Boca Raton, Fla., as an arm of The Johnson Group. DNA also operated from Boca Raton, and OWOW listed an address in nearby Deerfield Beach.

Are TCN Affiliates Creating Another Flap?

Even through TCN says it is owned by “The Johnson Group,” some TCN affiliates whose promos also reference OWOW have added an ampersand and an extra proper noun to their TCN ads. These promos identify TCN’s owners as “The Johnson & Johnson Group.”

Johnson & Johnson, a component of both Dow Jones and the S&P 500, is the internationally famous maker of pharmaceuticals and consumer products that are household names. Johnson & Johnson, which is based in New Jersey, also is known under a “Group” version of its name.

Several TCN affiliates — including international affiliates whose native language may not be English — are claiming this in promos (italics/indentation added):

“O.W.O.W. is ONLY promoting TEXT CASH NETWORK Inc

HERE IS WHY… #1 they pay like 100 times more than ANY OTHER and #2 is that: TEXT CASH NETWORK is owned and operated by The Johnson & Johnson Group.” (Emphasis added).

The promos go on to list “Mr. T. Michael Johnson” as “C.E.O.” of the “Johnson & Johnson Group” and  “Mr. R. Christopher Johnson” as “President.”

Some affiliate promos for TCN that also reference OWOW have described “The Johnson & Johnson Group” as a player in the “Internet Software Business since 1994.” Promos for TCN that do not included the ampersand and the extra proper noun have described “The Johnson Group” as a “communications” company.

On Wednesday, Johnson & Johnson — the New Jersey-based Dow and S&P 500 component — said that it “will look into” whether the TCN promos and the Johnson & Johnson Group references could create any brand confusion.

“I am not aware of any affiliation they would have with Johnson & Johnson,” a company spokesman said about TCN and The Johnson Group.

One TCN affiliate promo that referenced the Piccolo-associated OWOW entity and used the name “Johnson & Johnson Group” blared this message (italics/indentation added):

“Why did O.W.O.W. get a TEN DAY JUMP START with this Incredible Opportunity? Two words “JOE REID”… One of The Johnson & Johnson Group management team was once in the referral marketing industry and knew of Joe’s reputation for taking companies into the marketplace. Joe started off consulting with them and is now the only person direct to the company.

“O.W.O.W. management convinced Joe that they should not open up the flood gates and that they should use O.W.O.W. as their TEST TEAM and get any bugs out of the system,” the message continued.  “Joe convinced J&J to do a WHISPER LAUNCH… And we got the gift of a lifetime.

“Our team recruited over 1000 people in less than 24 hours… We estimate our team will build a 10,000 team in 10 days . . .”

When DNA — yet another company linked to Piccolo — came out of the gate last year, it claimed it was “going public” and used the names of Martha Stewart, Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey. Joe Reid was one of DNA’s principal cheerleaders.

Reid has emerged in the same role for TCN, which is using the same conference-call software DNA used last year. Reid has suggested TCN could become the next Groupon. The Groupon references were made before Groupon’s stock price plummeted to below the $20 IPO level earlier this week.

Analysts have fretted about the Groupon business model and emerging competition.

TCN purports to be in a business by which members will receive up to five text advertisements per day to their cell phone. Its site is filled with errors of grammar and usage, but the firm says it has recruited more than 80,000 members in just days.

Among the claims on the TCN website is this:

“Here are two mathematical examples of maximum revenue sharing. A 2×10 Referral Structure Pays A Maximum Earnings (sic) of $76.75 Per Day or $2,302.50 Per Month plus Matching Bonuses. A 3×10 Maximum Earnings = To (sic) High Of A Dollar Figure To Put In Print.”

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