NWITimes.com: Purported ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Found Guilty Of Using Counterfeit Money To Pay For Big-Screen TVs From Sears

NWITimes.com is reporting that Christopher H. Cannon, a purported “sovereign citizen,” has been found guilty in federal court in the Northern District of Indiana of using counterfeit currency to pay for big-screen TVs.

The TVs were purchased at Sears, according to the NWITimes report.

On Nov. 4, the IndyChannel.com reported that a purported Indiana “sovereign citizen” who described himself as a “free man” was found to be driving an unregistered motorcycle and in possession of an identification card that purported he was a diplomat.

“Sovereign citizens” in Indiana and other states have been known to assert diplomatic immunity from prosecution.

In federal court in Washington state yesterday, purported “sovereign citizen” Kenneth Wayne Leaming was denied bail on charges he filed bogus liens against federal officials involved in the AdSurfDaily Ponzi case in the District of Columbia.

Meanwhile, Bob Paudert, the retired police chief of West Memphis, Ark., gave a training speech at the Wiregrass Law Enforcement Seminar in Alabama yesterday on the “sovereign citizen” movement, the Dothan Eagle is reporting.

Paudert’s son, a police officer, was killed last year during a traffic stop involving a “sovereign citizen.” Another officer died in the same hail of gunfire.

Ret. Chief Paudert is featured in this video by the “60 Minutes” program produced by CBS News.

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  1. This story from a few weeks ago:
    Sovereign citizens: Crackpots, crooks or defenders of liberty?

    What some have labeled a growing “sovereign citizen movement” is more an ideology than an organized group.

    These fruit cakes do not just state or evilgovernment employees a misery, try selling a house to one of these numpties.


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