Police Confirm That Name Of Text Cash Network Does Not Appear On Building In Boca Raton, Fla.

One of the mysteries surrounding an upstart MLM business known as Text Cash Network (TCN) only is getting deeper. Despite photos published online that show the name of “TEXT CASH NETWORK” in large letters near the crown of its purported headquarters building in Boca Raton, Fla., the Boca Raton Police Department said this morning that the firm’s name “does not appear on the building.”

What actually appears in the area in which the firm’s name is depicted in photographs is the number “2255” — the address of an office facility at 2255 Glades Rd. in Boca Raton. The large building is a multitenant, multiuse property that counts the U.S. government among its users, according to public records and information contained in Google web searches. (The U.S. Probation Office lists an office at the facility, for example.)

Precisely when the photograph showing Text Cash Network’s name exclusively affixed to the building began to circulate online is unclear. Someone, though, appears to have doctored the photo in an apparent bid to plant the seed that TCN owned the building or was its most prestigious tenant. Several companies use the street address of the building, in disciplines ranging from the practice of law to real estate, financial services, debt counseling  and more.

A street photo Google says was taken in May 2011 shows only the number “2255” affixed near the crown of the building and not the words “TEXT CASH NETWORK,” a circumstance police said remained the reality today. (If you click on the link in the previous sentence, it will load a Google page. Look for the letter “A” roughly in the center of the Google page. If you click on the “A,” a window showing the street view will load. Clicking on the photo in the street view will take you to ground level, where you’ll see the building with “2255” near the crown.)

Adding to the mystery is that TCN is publishing a photo of the same building on its website — and that photo contains neither the company’s name nor the numerals “2255” near the crown. All three of the photos — the one displayed on TCN’s website, the one displayed on certain Blogs and the one from Google’s street view — show an American flag that appears to be in the same wind-buffeted, unfurled position, which may mean the same original was used to alter the photo to show the name of “TEXT CASH NETWORK” as though the company enjoyed ownership or exclusive occupancy of the premises.

It is common in MLM schemes for affiliates or upstart companies themselves to create the impression of size, scale and success where little or none exists. TCN’s website was registered less than two months ago, and the firm spent weeks in “prelaunch” phase while conducting conference-call cheerleading sessions.

Tens of thousands of MLMers are said to have signed up for the TCN program.  Affiliates say the firm is owned by “The Johnson Group,” but much about that company remains a mystery, too.

Research suggests that individuals can rent a “virtual office” that uses the address at 2255 Glades Rd. and that fully furnished offices can be rented in eight-hour increments, with longer-term leases and a graduated level of virtual services also available.

TCN says on its website that “TCN Processing” is located in Suite 324 at the Glades Rd. address.

Separately, a virtual-office company that promotes its offerings in online promos displays a photo of the same multitenant facility TCN references as the address of “TCN Processing.”  The virtual-office company notes that fully furnished offices can be rented in eight-hour increments — with longer-term leases and graduated service levels also available.

The name of MLM huckster Phil Piccolo has surfaced in web stories and discussions about TCN. The website of Data Network Affiliates (DNA), a firm associated with Piccolo that purported last year to be in the business of helping the AMBER Alert program rescue abducted children, has not resolved to a server for at least the past two days.

Like TCN, DNA promoted a payment plan 10 levels deep. TCN appears to be listed in Wyoming records as a corporation registered last month, but Florida records do not appear to include a corresponding listing that TCN is operating in the state as a foreign corporation.

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8 Responses to “Police Confirm That Name Of Text Cash Network Does Not Appear On Building In Boca Raton, Fla.”

  1. Someone offering a purported “business opportunity” or “investment program” and inflating its image?

    I’m shocked, shocked I say!


  2. I am a referral agent with TCN. I, too, posted on my blog the info you recorded here. Thank you for your due diligence. I actually visited the building in question and have pictures.

    I am not sure it is a scam, but after trying to contact for further clarification, I have yet to receive a reply.

  3. How can it NOT be a scam when they have lied about one of the simplest things?

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