UPDATE: ‘OneX,’ Mysterious Site Pushed By ASD’s Andy Bowdoin, Has Been Offline For Days

Andy Bowdoin

UPDATE: “OneX,” the mysterious “program” AdSurfDaily President Andy Bowdoin claimed in October would pay for his criminal defense and help former ASD members “earn $99,000 very quickly,” has been offline for days.

The reason for the extended outage, which coincided with the run-up to the holidays and now has extended beyond Christmas, is unclear. Messages viewed by visitors to the OneX site have varied. The most recent message claims the site “will be available in the next 24 hours.”

But the site has beamed that message for days. The message is signed, “OneX/Qlxchange Administration” — without naming the operators of OneX.

Bowdoin, 77, claimed in October that God had led him to his strategy of using OneX to pay for his criminal defense.

“I believe that God has brought us OneX to provide the necessary funds to win this case,” Bowdoin said in a conference call. Bowdoin was charged with wire fraud, securities fraud and selling unregistered securities in December 2010. His trial is scheduled for September 2012.

OneX, which uses a domain extension assigned to the European country of Montenegro and a webserver apparently positioned in the Irish Sea nation of Isle of Man, is described in MLM-style web promos as a 4X4 matrix feeder program for a Panamanian investment firm and commodities enterprise known as QLxchange.

Bowdoin has participated in multiple OneX pitchfests, using a presentation that appears to have been scripted heavily.

“Tonight we’ll be talking about a financial bailout program for the average person,” Bowdoin said during an October pitchfest.

ASD’s own site was chronically offline before the U.S. Secret Service brought Ponzi scheme allegations in 2008. When Bowdoin’s 10 personal bank accounts were seized on Aug. 1, 2008, the message on the ASD site was signed, “ASD Management.”

During the extended outage, the OneX site has been using this strange headline: “Under A Little Maintenance.”

A tagline below the logo for QLXchange on the site reads, “Investing To Achieve Your Dreams.”

Screen shot: The logo for Qlxchange is appearing in a maintenance message on the OneX site. The site has been inaccessible for days.


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  1. “In the next 24 hours” is meaningless without a reference, like the date the message was posted. These people seemed to have learned from the “Prince of Procrastination”, Andy Bowdoin. Sort of reminds me when his nephews, or whoever else he claimed, were redoing the ASD site. Anything to prevent payouts, I suppose.

    I doubt that God sends people to pyramid schemes to pay for their defense in court for charges associated with another pyramid scheme. Leave it to Andy to bring God into a con job. After all, that’s what Andy does; even his own son says so.


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