UPDATE: ‘OneX’ Site Pushed By AdSurfDaily President Andy Bowdoin Will Not Resolve To Server; Conference-Call Talker Identified As ‘J.C.’ Assures Listeners That God Is On Board The OneX Train And That A ‘Paved Road’ Is In Firm’s Future

Andy Bowdoin

UPDATED 6:59 A.M. ET (DEC.29, U.S.A.): The OneX site now is resolving to a server, although the site still appears to be down. (UPDATE 6:25 P.M. ET DEC. 29: The OneX site now appears to be back online after an absence of days. Whether is is fully functional is unclear.) Web data now suggest OneX is using a server in the United States. It previously used a server in Europe. Here, below, our post that reflected earlier events . . .

At the time of this post, the website for “OneX” — a “program” pushed by AdSurfDaily President Andy Bowdoin — will not resolve to a server.

Nor will the site return a ping. The ping returns “Timed out” error messages. Because the site will not resolve to a server, a message that the site “will be available in the next 24 hours” no longer appears at the URL for OneX.

The development means that some or all OneX members and prospects are in an even greater information vacuum. The site has been inaccessible for days, although the PP Blog has learned OneX conducted a conference call yesterday and assured listeners the site would return after server problems caused by “inexperience” were solved.

The call featured various cheerleaders, including a man identified as “J.C.,” apparently a company official.

“J.C.,” explaining that he did not enjoy hype, assured listeners that “God” was on the side of OneX and that he anticipated 2.5 million riders on the OneX train by March.

It was revealed during the call the OneX is using Canada-based Solid Trust Pay (STP).

STP was one of the payment processors used by ASD and has a reputation for fueling Ponzi and fraud schemes. STP was among the processors used by alleged international swindler Nicholas Smirnow of Pathway To Prosperity, which the U.S. Postal Inspection Service said last year had defrauded tens of thousands of people from 120 countries.

During the OneX conference call, J.C. explained that many members were showing “unbelievable tolerance” for the website problems.

“Those who are not being patient do not understand what’s there,” J.C. asserted.

Among other things, J.C. appealed to callers not to send in support tickets.

“We’re having some — it’s load problems,” J.C. asserted, calling the development “teething problems.”

J.C. also assured listeners that the company was “a thousand times” more frustrated than OneX members who cannot access the site.

The OneX IT team was inexperienced in the area of “load testing” and wished to apologize for its lack of experience, J.C. said.

“. . . We don’t know how to do heavy load-testing,” J.C. asserted.

That the OneX website was being “slammed” by traffic was a “good thing,” J.C. asserted.

“Hey,” he insisted, “these are pioneering days.”

“We’re on a mission from God,” J.C. asserted.

Bowdoin, who is facing trial on criminal charges of operating a Ponzi scheme through ASD that gathered at least $110 million, told conference-call listeners in October that God created OneX to help him win his criminal case.

Although J.C. apparently agrees with Bowdoin that God is steering the OneX ship, J.C. told listeners that they should expect no support from their sponsors.

Bowdoin has claimed that he is providing “leads” to his OneX recruits and that enrollees could make nearly $100,000 by paying $5.

A woman on yesterday’s OneX call, which apparently was organized by a downline group with access to OneX management, claimed there were plenty of reasons to be excited about OneX.

“In three months, we can look back . . . and laugh,” the woman claimed, later asserting the company started out “on horseback.”

“You’re pioneers,” J.C. asserted. “This is huge.”

OneX “leadership” will “roll up their sleeves” to solve problems, another woman asserted.

J.C. said the firm would provide a “paved road” for members one day.

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  1. You should post links to this “calls”. It would be funny to hear them for ourselves.

  2. You really need to get your facts straight. If you were indeed on the call then you would have known the real reason why the site was down because it was mentioned on that particular call and also previous ones. The call was not a one-off, these calls take place very frequently. The membership have been kept informed throughout and knew that it would happen and the reasons why – none are the reasons you claim.

    The program is changing lives and if you really must write about it then would suggest you go through it with a fine toothcombe as I have and only report facts not fiction or half tales.

  3. Fredericus: You really need to get your facts straight.

    Help me on this, Fredericus.

    Where does OneX/QLXchange do their banking?

    What name is their SolidTrustPay account under?

    Who is J.C.? Does he live in the United States?

    Did OneX/QLXchange file a police/law-enforcement report when people purportedly used stolen credit cards to join? What was the name of the agency and how much money was involved?


    Also, do you have any concerns that Andy Bowdoin, an accused felon facing a possible prison term of 125 years and the principal figure in a massive Ponzi scheme, is pitching OneX?

    Are you confident Bowdoin and his AdSurfDaily colleagues have not polluted the OneX/QLXchange money stream with tainted proceeds?

    And are you the least bit concerned that OneX/QLXchange are using SolidTrustPay, one of the world’s great Ponzi-enablers?


  4. Oops. Forgot one, Fredericus.

    What’s your theory on why literally hundreds of spammers from all over the world are targeting OneX threads here?


  5. I am also a member of OneX,
    This company was launched in June and has went through a lot of changes since then.

    They have had a lot of people that have come in with stolen credit cards and scammed the company.

    They are currently in the process of getting their own Payment Processor which is Direct Pay Express. You can look them up.

    Yes a Fredrick has said there are reasons why the sites down. These changes that I have talked about were for new product launches that they have had. They want to insure that the genealogy is kept intact.

    OneX is a one-time payment on each of the products.
    As far as JC, I believe he does live in the US.
    However, I am not certain of this.

    As far as I can see the company is taking the steps needed to setup this up to operate within the laws. Of course I am no lawyer….

    As with any online program you will have spammers and people that take advantage of the system.The company has changed several times due to this fraudulent activities to protect itself as well as it’s members.
    As far as Andy Bowdoin, he’s possibly one of the few that have scammed the company.

    One of the reasons that the Company is going to DPS is so that they may be able to police accounts. They will require a government issued ID in order to withdraw funds that have been earned.This will be checked with OFAX I believe this is what it’s called.

    I am new to this type of program, the company has a great compensation plan.
    Again as far as legality again I’m no lawyer.
    The company makes no promises of income other than what is earned.
    It’s a business, similar to other MLM’s like Amway.
    The products are Lessons. Millions are spent daily on educational tools in the form of paperback and electronic downloadable ebooks.

    So you may want to investigate DPX as well. I am curious to see your findings. My understanding with DPX is they are a financial institution governed by international banking laws.

    You are allowed to only have one account, this has been a rule even before they ever launched in June of 2011. Many of the scammers didn’t follow this rule and the company has payed dearly for it. Which has taken away many of the tools that legitimate members used to build their business.

    One last thing before I end here, the company did have the total possible to earn posted in the beginning. However, with the advice of their legal team they took it down. Anyone can do the math and see that it is possible to earn that. But as with any business you have to work it and treat it like a business.

    You have my email, I will help you in any way that I can to investigate.
    I believe that OneX and QLXchange are legitimate.
    If you can show me otherwise, I’ll be happy to withdraw and help you in your cause.

    One more thing, I would love your input on the matrix. Does the 4×4 and 3×9 matrix which has the pyramid structure make it illegal?

    I look forward to hearing from you on this and as I said I will work with you to help you get to the bottom of this. Once you show me where the problem actually lies within this business.

    Wayne Caviness

  6. I forgot to let you know that OneX is in yet another transitional phase. They have introduced OneXPro and were scheduled to launch Easter weekend.
    There were several members that weren’t able to get funded due to the holiday, so the launch has been rescheduled. You may possibly see some downtime of the site as they run the script this this evening to ensure that the genealogy is kept intact.

    The site should be up most of the day today and should be running normally by Tuesday sometime. Please note that if they have a problem with the script, such as a glitch. You may experience some downtime.

    Again, thanks for your concerns and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Wayne Caviness

  7. Wayne Caviness: They are currently in the process of getting their own Payment Processor which is Direct Pay Express. You can look them up.

    OK, I’ll bite. Bryan Marsden was going to buy his own bank, and this will not be the first obvious ponzi scheme to attempt their own payment processor. I think CEP tried that.

    Direct Pay Express (DPX) is domain registered anonymously, I could find no address on their web site. The server seems to be in New Zealand, the only phone number seems to be in Florida. The TOS uses phrases that are also used by a Quebec government body, amongst others.

    Regardless of where DPX thinks it is located, if it offering services to US citizens, most states require it to have a money transmitter license. Usually the ponzi players make up some excuse about not needing a money transmitter license, but that didn’t work for E-Gold.

    OneX is an obvious ponzi scheme being promoted on the ponzi friendly forums, being promoted by well known ponzi promoters. If this obvious ponzi scheme needs to set up it’s own payment processor it usually means that even the usual ponzi friendly payment processors won’t touch it.

    Wayne Caviness: One more thing, I would love your input on the matrix. Does the 4×4 and 3×9 matrix which has the pyramid structure make it illegal?

    The answer is in the question.

  8. I know you are a busy man and I don’t want to keep bugging you.
    But can you tell us everything you know about OneX and how it operates.

    I have no idea what CEP is or should i say was?

    Seriously, I am on your side here.
    I’ve been scammed before and it’s not cool.

    You say obvious, Ponzi I am still not clear on this.
    You’ll have to excuse me, I am just old country boy that grew up on the farm.
    As I said before, I will help you with this as much as possible.
    I actually know most of what’s going on and how OneX works.

    I know what their plan is. I do know that this program has helped many people. Some that have worked it and others earned that haven’t worked it.
    As far as I know payments are still being paid.
    What they say makes sense to me.

    I understand your concerns, about addresses and all of this.
    I also understand that you are here to keep people from getting scammed.
    But what if OneX is actually a legitimate business?

    It’s not a get rich quick, it’s a business opportunity.
    Most people looking are looking for the something for nothing.
    When it doesn’t happen they cry scam….

    Yes, of course these ponzi promoters are going to jump onboard if it’s going to make them money. But I assure you, the company is trying to take the steps to prosecute those that are committing the fraudulent activities.

    Up until recently the company was paying out 100% back to it’s members.
    They now receive 10% of all products sales, which I think is more than fair.
    This is a fairly new company that is still in the learning curve.

    I may have stated that DPX was their payment processor.
    I need to correct this if I did so.
    DPX does not belong to Qlxchange or OneX.

    DPX will also add an additional income stream to Qlxchange.
    Understand that QLxchange and OneX are both marketing companies.

    I don’t know JC personally, but he is an owner.
    So far, everything I see they are doing is for the members that actually want to build a business.

    The company is now making 10% of each product purchase in OneX.
    The company will make money in QLXchange, the compensation plan there is way over my head. It is actually MLM, where OneX looks like an MLM it’s really not.

    OneX is based on affiliate sales of the Lessons.
    Pays out on whatever Tier the Lesson is purchased.
    The payout is now split 4 ways.
    10% to the company….
    45% to qualified member
    22.5% to that members sponsor(matching bonus)
    22.5% to the sponsors sponsor(leadership bonus)

    I was confused and didn’t understand how it was possible to earn the amount of $99,460 when I first joined. It was $5 one-time.
    I scratched my head for several months, and finally it clicked.

    Now that the company makes 10% you won’t actually earn $99460 and there is no reason unless JC just gets greedy why they should shut down and run with the money. Which I really don’t see it. The company’s making money as long as products are being sold.

    So let me show you how it’s possible to earn $99,460 – 10% = $89,514
    I can legally say that it’s possible if the people work it as a b

  9. Wayne Caviness: I actually know most of what’s going on and how OneX works.

    No, actually, you don’t.

    What you “know” is what you’ve been told.

    TRUE due diligence requires you to see AND verify all the relevant information.

    Playing at doing due diligence means you simply accept what you’re told as being accurate.

    How much of what you “know” could you actually prove in a court of law ??

    If people want to “play” or “risk it” that’s fine, but they simply cannot expect to throw around terms like “due diligence” without at least understanding what is involved.