RECOMMENDED READING: ‘Sovereign’ Reports: Mayor Of Fayetteville, N.C., Retracts Proclamation Declaring ‘Moorish American Week’; New Jersey Man Allegedly Declares He’s A ‘Sovereign’ After Bizarre Encounter With Allentown (Pa.) Police In Middle Of The Night

Part of the Moorish American Week proclamation. Fayetteville was one of 11 American cities reportedly to approve the proclamation, which has led to questions about whether government officials simply rubber-stamped a document that claimed a "sovereign Theocratic Government" had been formed inside the United States.

As the website of the purported “Moorish American National Government” informs visitors that 11 U.S. mayors “have issued official proclamations in recognition of Moorish American Week,” the mayor of Fayetteville, N.C., tells the Fayetteville Observer that he is withdrawing the proclamation he approved.

An obscure group called “Moorish Americans” has “attempted to file court documents claiming sovereignty from the U.S.,” the newspaper reports.

On a page of its website, the Moorish American National Government publishes a “Proclamation Of Status And Jurisdiction Of The Moorish Americans.”

“In the course of human events,” the Moorish proclamation begins, “The Founding Fathers of The United States brought forth on this Continent two new Nations. One, themselves, a conglomerate of Pale Skin Descendants from the Nations of Europe.

“The other Nation,” the proclamation continues, “a Comity of Olive Skin Nationals extracted from various Countries affixed indigenously to the North Western and South Western Shores of Africa, yet latent in slavery. Now, in the plan of Universal Justice, it has become necessary for the latter, standing in their Proper Person, to proclaim their true Free National Status, thus dissolving the political bands and assumable jurisdictions of the former.” (Emphasis added.)

Among the claims made by “Moorish Americans” in the proclamation approved by Fayetteville and other cities was that the Moorish had “formed a sovereign Theocratic Government.”

‘Moorish’-Related Litigation

The PP Blog used “justia moorish” — without the quotes — in a Google search. ( is a resource that publishes court filings and judicial rulings.) The Google search returned several references to litigation in which “Moorish” was a term in case stylings.

As one example, this Justia page shows a ruling in the Northern District of Illinois in which a federal judge weighed the confusing issues in a lawsuit by an entity known as the Moorish Science Temple of America against the city of Berwyn, Ill. As another example, this Justia page refers to a case filed in New Jersey federal court on Dec. 21, 2011.


No case filing is accessible through the Justia link.

A ruling in a different case in Wisconsin federal court is available through this Justia link. The case is styled “Anchorbank FSB v. Moorish Science Temple of America.”

Meanwhile, a ruling in a case in which Soloman Seales Jr. is listed as the plaintiff and “Branch Moorish Science Temple and Unknown Gerard” are listed as the defendants is available through this link. That case was filed in Missouri federal court, and Seales is described as a “prisoner” who brought the action against the Moorish entity.

Separately, the Charlotte Criminal Lawyer Blog reported in July 2011 that a “Moorish Nation” Defense is clogging up the court system in Mecklenburg County, N.C. Charlotte, a famous American city, is the county seat of Mecklenburg County.

From the Blog:

“The details of this strategy vary throughout the nation, but the underlying theory is that a defendant is of Moorish decent, and is not subject to the laws of the United States,” wrote attorney Brad Smith. “According to the Mecklenburg County version, the defendant takes on a new name, and declares that he cannot be prosecuted for any crimes which occurred under his prior name.”

The “Moorish Defense,” Smith wrote, “is nothing more than a scam” that may cause harm to defendants accused of crimes.

Visit the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center to acquaint yourself with some of the strangeness associated with purported “Moorish Americans” who are gaining a toehold among some people of African descent while Moorish adherents engage in behavior similar to adherents of the “sovereign citizen” movement.

Although the “sovereign citizen” movement was largely white and has racist roots, those “roots have been virtually forgotten by increasing numbers of black Americans who have melded it with selective interpretations of the teachings of pioneer black nationalist Noble Drew Ali, who founded the exclusively black Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA) almost 100 years ago,” SPLC reports.

Strange ‘Sovereign’ Event In Pennsylvania

The Allentown (Pa.) Morning Call is reporting that a New Jersey man was arrested this week on charges of indecent exposure, open lewdness, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

After police stopped the man amid reports he had urinated in front of a 7-Eleven convenience store at 3:05 a.m. on Feb. 16, the man allegedly declared his purported sovereignty and told an officer to “kiss” something, the newspaper reported.

Read the Morning Call story on what the man allegedly told police.


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  1. We have found the enemy and he is us.


  2. There are over 100 reported cases involving “Moorish” citizens or religion on Westlaw in the last three years. Most of them are in the Federal District Courts but the phenomenon is far from unknown.


  3. Editorial cartoon at



  4. Was a member of the Illinois General Assembly duped like the big-city mayors?



  5. The wikipedia article is worth reading:

    Twenty-first century

    An increasing number of people claiming to follow Moorish Science have filed false legal documents in various municipalities around the United States. The documents include fake liens, deeds, and property claims. The Moorish Science Temple has disavowed any affiliation with those filing the false documents, calling them “radical and subversive fringe groups.


  6. Another story from July 2011:

    The Moorish Science Temple of America is working to distance itself from the people filing bogus legal claims, calling them ‘radical and subversive fringe groups’ in a recent statement.


  7. Talk about distancing yourself:

    The Moorish Science Temple of America, founded by Prophet Noble Drew Ali, 1913, is a holy and divine national movement, to teach our people those things necessary to make our members better citizens, obedience to law, and not to cause any confusion or to over throw the laws of the said government but to obey hereby. We teach our people of their nationality and divine creed of Moorish Americans, and birthrights, to love instead of hate, and that we are part and partial of the said government and must live the life accordingly. The Moorish Science Temple of America,Inc does not teach nor indorse or support any “sovereign” theory, or groups. Please feel free to contact us for duly qualified and authorized Divine Ministers.


  8. Its not a “sovereign” movement.


  9. I find it interesting , that so called journalist submit poorly research information interlaced with slanderous overtones…
    a Child of 8 years of age understands what a proper noun is.
    but this attempt to push this misinformation about the “Moors”
    and the fact! that there is two hundred year old case laws that address this same issues that are being addressed by the so called “Black sovereigns”(sundry moors act 1790),

    ((1) Citizenship in Morocco maj^ be said to be governed by the laws
    pertaining to the same in other countries, with the exception that all
    persons residing in Morocco who can not prove foreign citizenship
    or protection are considered ipso jure as Moorish subjects.

    (2 and 3) Moorish subjects lost their nationality only by becoming
    naturalized in, or protected by, another country having treaty re-
    lations w’ith the Moorish Empire.

    It was established by the Convention of Madrid, concluded July 3,
    1880, as follows:)

    Google is your friend & the truth is the truth !
    welcome to the age of the know…..


  10. It’s Moops!


  11. I would strongly advise for this author, in the very near future, REFRAIN from using these subtlety discriminatory tactics (i.e such as black nationals, sovereign citizens, etc) in your articles. You have been warned and it would be wise to remove this article and any other “Gutter Literature” or propaganda of false information aimed to inflict harm on the Moorish American Nation. Failure to do so makes you an accomplice and complicity in GENOCIDE. Federal Question?


  12. J.L.,
    I fail to see how the crime of genocide relates in any form or manner to what Patrick wrote. Do explain.


  13. J.L.,

    If only what you say made some sense. Those are not discriminatory terms used, they are description terms. If people do not like being lumped into a group of individuals, then they need to leave that group and stop following some doctrine of sovereignty and special powers that no one else but themselves possess. That is not what America is all about.

    By the way, it was nice of you to threaten the author using electronic communications. Get ready for the black Suburbans parked on you block.


  14. J. L.

    If you have a legitimate comment or complaint to make on an open forum, please go ahead and make it. But if the only thing you wish to communicate is an idle and useless threat please don’t expect to be taken seriously.

    I don’t know much about the Moorish Science Temple but I support any religion that motivates it’s members to better themselves and treat themselves and others with greater respect.

    I find it encouraging that the Moorish Science Temple of America is distancing themselves from the sovereign citizen influences like some mentioned in Patrick’s article. They realize, as we do that the sovereign citizen’s movement is founded on falsehood and almost always does more harm than good to it’s adherents. And that doesn’t even address the historical irony of African Americans subscribing to a mythology that can trace it’s creation back to people like Gordon Kahl and William Potter Gale who left the KKK in disgust, not because they no longer wished to hate colored people but because they didn’t think the KKK wasn’t effective enough at hating them.

    The history is there for you to read, so go read it.


  15. I’ve been called a lot of things over my reporting on this Blog, but being called “an accomplice” complicit in “GENOCIDE” is a new one.



  16. This U.S. Government is most certainly operating unlawfully. It appears some have not done much research and/or lack a knowledge of the Law which was created in order to Preserve The Sovereignty of The People of the Land. In addition, the author of this article is apparently using prejudiced propagandists tactics not unlike those we have seen from Agents of the European nations. THE MOORS ARE NOT ANTI-GOVERNMENT! IT IS THE CONTINUOUS SUBJUGATION OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS NOT IN COLLUSION WITH THE FOREIGN FEDERAL CORPORATION,”U.S.”. People should do some research before making accusations. This is why most “Americans” are truly slaves with or without cognizance of the Fact. LIARS LIARS LIARS! LET US NOT FEED THE BLOODSUCKERS ANYMORE!




  18. No, “Jay,” the Moors did not conquer most of Europe. They conquered Spain and were stopped in France by Charles Martel. That’s a fact of history.


  19. Let us not allow facts to interfere with our arguments. The fact that the Moors conquered and ruled Spain until the mid 15th Century has nothing whatsoever to do with the foundation of The Moorish Science Temple of America in 1913.

    i am delighted to read that The Moorish Science Temple of America is, or has, disassociated itself from the sovereign movement ad is therefore disassociating itself from a bunch of nut jobs.


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