UPDATE: JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid Promoters Now Trading On The Name And Image Of Actress Lindsay Lohan; Video Promo Appears After Earlier YouTube Removals — And Even As CONSOB Probe Under Way In Italy

After earlier trading on the names of Warren Buffett and Oprah Winfrey and even fictional spaceman “Mr. Spock,” promoters of JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid now are trading on the name of actress Lindsay Lohan.

A 1:14 YouTube promo for JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid dated Feb. 14, 2012 — Valentine’s Day — flashes images of Lohan throughout the video. The promo is titled “Sexy Lindsay Lohan.”

Below the video, seven links appear for JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid-related sites. The links are accompanied by a text pitch.

Here is one claim from the text pitch. (Italics added):

“Basically, You Earn 2% per Day or 60% per Month! No sponsoring Requirements. Use Daily Compounding to Increase Your Earnings! Make Daily Withdrawals to Get Your Money Out! This may be one of the easiest and best ways to earn money you’ve ever seen!

“Sponsor People to Earn 10% Referral Bonuses on the First Level and 5% on the Second! Withdraw this Money Daily, or Use It to Further Compound and Increase Your Earnings!

“You Can Start with Just $10 and Turn It into a Fortune!”

Here is another. (Italics added):

“Day 1:
“Add Money
“Days 2 — 75:
“100% Reinvest your daily earnings
“Day 76:
“Balance now 340% bigger after Day 1 Investment deducted!
“Day 76 onwards:
“Conservative: Reinvest 70% of daily earnings and cashout the remaining 30%.
“Aggressive: Reinvest 80% of daily earnings and cashout the remaining 20%.
“RESULT: Ever Increasing Earnings and Daily Cashout Amounts!”

Incongruously, the text pitch ends with these words:

“Never join ptc and other scam sites.”

Neither the video nor the accompanying text pitch explained how JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid, which purportedly is operated by Frederick Mann, could pay an annualized rate of return that is between 48 and 73 times higher than rates touted by imprisoned Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff.

The YouTube promo trading on Lohan’s name and images was posted less than a month after CONSOB, the Italian securities regulator, announced that it had opened a probe into the actions of certain JSS Tripler promoters.

Within days of the announcement, certain U.S.-based websites with links to JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid mysteriously went missing. Those sites remain inaccessible in the United States, although the reason they no longer are accessible is unclear.

It is common for hucksters to trade on the names of famous people to sanitize fraud schemes.

YouTube earlier removed some promos for JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid, although others remained.

One Ponzi-forum promoter claimed in October 2011 that a YouTube ban would pose only a temporary problem.

“No sweat, I own over 500 Youtube accounts, so I’ll just keep making videos like normal, plus I can always use Viddler and Windows movie maker and facebook video as well,” a MoneyMakerGroup poster poster claimed.

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  2. Quick note:

    This thread and two others were targeted by a JSS Tripler spammer at 7:19 p.m. (twice) and again at 7:20 p.m.

    I opened the link in a new window, and it triggered a Norton warning that a bid to install a rootkit from the JSS Tripler-related domain had been blocked.

    I won’t publish the URL, but if you’re researching JSS Tripler and encounter a site with the word “psychological” in the headline, it might be best to get away — right away.

    The site has an offer for a 10 percent giveback for people who join under a specific sponsor.

    Not a word about the CONSOB probe or the missing websites in the United States, of course. The spam links came from a Utah IP.