UPDATE: ‘MoneyMakingBrain’ Asserts PP Blog Will ‘Go Down In Flames’ — Plus, He Suggests He’s In ‘Law Enforcement’ And May Issue Subpoena

“In law enforcement, we look into the IP address and whether is real or not (proxy). Then your service provider gives the account information with the customer’s name and address, then a warrant is made, then a police task force is dispatched with agents to raid your home or office, arrests you and seizes all your computers. That’s if you are a terrorist.”“MoneyMakingBrain,” in March 11, 2012, post on RealScam.com

“And Patrick, the day your host is subpoenaed by court determination to provide all the RealScam.com web logs, it will be the beginning of end of your credibility and your PatrickPretty.com blog. I am sorry, but you did to yourself, and you will go down in flames.”“MoneyMakingBrain,” in March 11, 2012, post on RealScam.com

Amid new suggestions he is in “law enforcement” — and while planting the seed he can cause subpoenas for log files to be served or motivate others to serve them or otherwise nuisance the PP Blog and cause it to “go down in flames” — “MoneyMakingBrain” again has used RealScam.com as a platform to hatch new and deeper conspiracy theories concerning the PP Blog and others.

The latest disturbing developments unfolded within hours of “MoneyMakingBrain’s” arrival Saturday at the PP Blog from a website linked to other harassment bids targeted at the PP Blog and some of its posters. “MoneyMakingBrain” appears to be in search of information — however disingenuous and laden with vulgarity and sexual innuendo — to confirm his own biases.

On Saturday, “MoneyMakingBrain” arrived at the PP Blog from the WorldLawDirect forum — specifically from a page set up by the notorious cyberstalker “unclefesta26” weeks ago in a bid to discredit RealScam.com. “unclefesta26” once videotaped a cartoon representation of himself hectoring the PP Blog by typing the compressed phrase “kissmyarse” into the Blog’s contact form and posting a video of his harassment on YouTube. (See screen shot from “unclefesta26” YouTube video below.)

The notorious cyberstalker "unclefesta26" uses his free platform at YouTube to attack various people, including individuals who post on the PP Blog. "MoneyMakingBrain" also is using a free Google platform -- Blogger -- to harass the PP Blog and some of its posters.

Known mostly by his principal handle, “unclefesta26″ once posted a video on YouTube that, in cartoon form, depicted Lynn Edgington,” a male reader of the PP Blog and the chairman of a California nonprofit entity that educates the public about scams, as a diaper-wearing pole dancer squeezing his own breasts.

In 2009, “unclefesta26” — posting at the PP Blog as “Pistol” and coming off an unsuccessful bid to register as “Hugh Jorgan” (read: Huge Organ) at a site that once carried news and commentary about the alleged AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme — was banned from the PP Blog for chronic harassment and creating maintenance problems.

“unclefesta26” retaliated by adding the PP Blog to his list of hectoring targets at his YouTube site, at one time trying to tie the Blog to the word “anal.” In October 2011, “unclefesta26” sought to overcome his PP Blog ban and post with a different user identity — under the proposed user ID of “lurch” and in a thread in which the Blog reported that Edgington had been quoted by a St. Louis newspaper in a story about steering clear of online fraud schemes.

The October 2011 posting bid appeared to feature a bogus email address entered into the Blog’s Comments form.

“MoneyMakingBrain” now has been attacking Edgington for days. And like “unclefesta26,” MoneyMakingBrain also is carrying out his sordid campaign from a free platform owned by Google.

Edgington has “no escape” from MoneyMakingBrain’s Google-hosted site, MoneyMakingBrain has asserted on RealScam, while suggesting other hectoring campaigns may be under way and the force of it all will destroy Edgington’s marriage.

“I feel sorry for you and your wife actually, who must be putting up with so much crap from anonymous callers, and who knows what else,” MoneyMakingBrain asserted on RealScam.com on March 7.  “If you don’t stop being a deceptive person, though, she is gonna divorce you.”

On March 8 on RealScam, “MoneyMakingBrain” appears to have tipped his hand that one of his research sources for purported information on Edgington was “unclefesta26’s” YouTube hectoring site.

“You are not even a funny cartoon of a man to watch, as some people have depicted you,” he ventured.

Among the latest MoneyMakingBrain claims on RealScam are that the PP Blog is “soapboxmom,” one of the administrators of RealScam, and that the PP Blog runs RealScam.

Both claims are false.

“MoneyMakingBrain” also claims the PP Blog posted as scam critic “Lil Ol’ Radical Me” (LORM) on its own Blog on March 10 — and then answered its own post with the PP Blog identity.

Those claims are false.

Meanwhile, “MoneyMakingBrain” claims that the PP Blog also posts as “LORM” and “nomaxim” on RealScam — all while suggesting the PP Blog also posts as “ProfHenryHiggins” and Edgington, the chairman of Eagle Research Associates.

Each of those claims is false, as are the claims that the PP Blog posts with a proxy at RealScam and then changes proxies.

The PP Blog does not post with proxies at RealScam — or at any other site. One of the reasons the Blog does not use proxies is that it operates in an environment in which threats are directed at it on a somewhat regular basis, and the Blog needs to be able to demonstrate the threats were targeted at the Blog’s actual Internet Service Provider (ISP) account or hosting connection site (the website IP of the PP Blog).

The Blog uses its ISP account to access the Internet, and its IP account to publish the Blog. Veiled threats against the PP Blog’s ISP account date back to 2009. The Blog’s hosting IP was crippled by waves of DDoS attacks in October and November of 2010. The Blog then had to arrange new hosting, which drove up its monthly publishing costs substantially.

Even under its upgraded hosting and security architecture , the Blog occasionally has been targeted by traffic floods that briefly have collapsed its server. In April 2011, the Blog received a claim of responsibility for the attacks from the HYIP sphere.

Although “MoneyMakingBrain’s” most recent conspiracy theories are getting harder to follow as they conflate one artificial reality after another, he also appears to be suggesting that the PP Blog also posts on RealScam as “Whip” and “laidback.”

Those claims are false. The PP Blogs user ID at RealScam is PPBlog. It is the only name under which the Blog posts at RealScam. The Blog, which is an ordinary member of RealScam — i.e., it has no administrative credentials and no access to RealScam logs — has a total of 23 posts at the RealScam forum.

The PP Blog and RealScam do have posters in common, and the PP Blog is concerned about various bids to chill RealScam.com in the age of white-collar crime and international mass-marketing fraud.

In November 2011, the Blog wrote about such a bid.

After “MoneyMakingBrain” planted the seed yesterday that he was in law enforcement and could cause subpoenas to be served, some RealScam skeptics questioned his credentials. “MoneyMakingBrain” initially then backed away from the law-enforcement claim.

“And, I never said I was a police agent, you moron,” MoneyMakingBrain claimed to RealScam poster (ProfHenryHiggins) yesterday, while falsely asserting the poster was the PP Blog.  “I don’t have to be in law enforcement to detect [a] scumbag like you, Patrick. It doesn’t matter under what user you post: Radical, Whip, Professor, whoever, I know exactly how many users are at anytime in this thread.

“So, go to the hell Patrick, you and this ‘real scam’ forum of yours. There are people who are dying to know who is behind this crackpot forum. Now they know what to do with those web logs from your host.”

“MoneyMakingBrain” did not identify the people purportedly “dying to know who is behind this crackpot forum.” Nor did he explain whether he coached people to “know what to do with web logs” or say precisely how he purportedly had obtained RealScam logs or whether he was distributing logs to the people purportedly “dying” for the information.

In any event, the PP Blog does not own, operate or run RealScam.com. Nor does the Blog share hosting with RealScam. Nor is the Blog acquainted with RealScam’s hosting arrangement.

CAUTION WARRANTED: As the PP Blog previously noted, it may be unwise to click on any link that “MoneyMakingBrain” posts on RealScam. A phishing bid of some sort may be under way.

Although “MoneyMakingBrain” yesterday backed away from his “law enforcement” claim, he asserted it again today, planting the seed that he might be able to put people “behind bars” or dispense fines.

“Maybe I am that guy trying to make a few bucks online with money making programs, or may (sic) I am the developer of IP DETECTOR, maybe I am going to put you behind bars or make you pay a big fine for cyber bullying, or simply expose you to prove the product works, or, maybe I am in law enforcement and you are being monitored, keep guessing,” he posted on RealScam.

“MoneyMakingBrain” started out as a “defender” of Frederick Mann, the purported operator of JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid, a “program” that purports to pay a return of 2 percent a day.

Using a proxy to send an email threat to the PP Blog on Feb. 29, “MoneyMakingBrain” asserted he’d defend Mann “so help me God.” He further suggested he might seek to interfere in an Eagle Research Associates banking relationship, all while asserting that Edgington was the operator of RealScam.

After the Feb. 29 email threats to the PP Blog, “MoneyMakingBrain” asserted on RealScam (March 9) that “the MMB is no longer interested in defending Fred Mann, but accusing Lynn Edgington . . .”

Yesterday, though, “MoneyMakingBrain” asserted he had “cleared” Edgington from an earlier MoneyMakingBrain allegation that Edgington was “LittleRoundMan,” another RealScam.com administrator.

Visit RealScam.com. (Please take heed that clicking on any link MoneyMakingBrain posts may be unwise.)


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10 Responses to “UPDATE: ‘MoneyMakingBrain’ Asserts PP Blog Will ‘Go Down In Flames’ — Plus, He Suggests He’s In ‘Law Enforcement’ And May Issue Subpoena”

  1. Ha ha ha ha. What an absolute dope. [Deleted by admin] Or, moneydownthederain is in fact unclefecal. That’s where my money is.

  2. My offer of free legal work remains open.

    Who is the judge who is going to sign off on these purported warrants? The last I checked it takes a judge or a grand jury to get a warrant. This sounds like a sovereign citizen.

  3. Whip,

    I do not believe that UF26 and MMB are one and the same. I think it much more likely that MMB is trying to plant the seed that whatever undisclosed “sourcing” he uses to attack Lynn and me is reliable, while not disclosing that his “source” materials consist at least in part from what he has read/viewed on the UF26 sites.

    UF26 also was here on Saturday, but that’s not unusual. He’s never really left. As much as he disparages the PP Blog, he can’t get enough of it. He is here as often — if not more often — than just about any other reader.

    He likes to heckle me for my need to ask for donations and, of course, he does the same thing when he’s sliming Eagle Research.

    Naturally, MMB couldn’t resist the urge to jump on board the same train.

    One thing that MMB and UF26 definitely have in common is the wholesale rejection of the better angels of their nature. The default to their lesser angels is what takes them both to a common gutter.


  4. Quick Note:

    MMB now has moved part of his attack to Scam.com, from where he is falsely asserting that the PP Blog and “nomaxim” are one in the same.

    “little joe” did something similar on Scam.com in 2009, and also claimed here that he’d start “fires” the Blog could not put out.

    Yesterday, of course, MMB asserted the PP Blog would “go down in flames” — even as he planted the seed he was in law enforcement and told the Blog to go to hell.

    Both the “little joe” incident and the MMB incident stem from the Blog’s reporting on HYIP schemes, and MMB previously planted the seed that he was going to start some sort of SEO war against the Blog — all while damaging the Blog and Eagle Research.

    After all of this time, MMB — who purported to have conducted “due diligence” of JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid — has not explained how JSS/JBP pays a daily return TWICE that of Ponzi-indicted AdSurfDaily and between 48 and 73 times higher on an annualized basis than Ponzi-imprisoned Bernard Madoff.


  5. I’m sure he’s as much him as everyone on realscam is everyone else. lol.

  6. If I am not mistaken, a genuine Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) does not broadcast that they are LEO’s on an open forum. And, they do not tell all the world that they are going to get subpoenas and warrants, either.

    How idiotic is this guy? Wait, that question answers itself.

  7. That would be correct, Wizzard7. Genuine law enforcement personnel do not discuss a case being investigated with outsiders, and if public assistance is required, it is openly requested via public relations officers and official press releases.

    Additionally, a law enforcement officer operating undercover is expressly expected to lie and deny such status if asked about it, something that makes the increasingly common practice by financial swindlers of asking people registering at their sites to swear that they are not government or media on pain of perjury, all the more useless in their own defense.

  8. If it wasnt enough that poor old MMB reckons we are all Lynn or Patrick, he then accuses them of being me as well. Well if you guys want to borrow my skirts, that’s fine by me – but all this IP swopping and gender changing is not looking good for the ponzi pusher who calls himself MMB

    What he has done is provide hours of entertainment for the readers of Real Scam and the PP Blog and shown us exactly how not to do IP tracking.

    AND as a Money Making Brain, he has certainly got rid of any doubts that his advice is sound.

    IÇ don’t know what he is going to do when he calls Law Enforcement and finds out that none of us are Don but that we are all camped out in Wizzard’s back yard feeding his parrots.

  9. The Plump Dormouse: That would be correct, Wizzard7. Genuine law enforcement personnel do not discuss a case being investigated with outsiders, and if public assistance is required, it is openly requested via public relations officers and official press releases.Additionally, a law enforcement officer operating undercover is expressly expected to lie and deny such status if asked about it, something that makes the increasingly common practice by financial swindlers of asking people registering at their sites to swear that they are not government or media on pain of perjury, all the more useless in their own defense.

    Pretty funny he’s breaking one of the scammer criminal co-Mann-ments when he joined the justbeenpillaging scam by lying that he’s not LE. lol. What a loser. And he wonders why he can’t even recover his initial entry fee.

  10. Poor mmb. He got his thread at scam locked, and he is getting his head handed to him at RS. Pretty soon the only place he will have to post is his own blog, and then he will be talking only to himself.

    The only one going down in flames is mmb. Actually he has already been shot down, he just hasn’t realized it yet, and probably never will he is so delusional and full of himself. Someone should take away his computer privileges and put him out of his misery.