Securities Swindler/Attorney Gregory Bartko Sentenced To 23 Years In Federal Prison

Gregory Bartko, the Atlanta attorney and securities swindler, has been sentenced to 23 years in federal prison after being convicted of fraud in North Carolina.

“Gregory Bartko targeted church members and made empty promises for big investment returns,” said Chris Briese, special agent in charge of the Charlotte Division of the FBI. “The FBI and our federal partners dismantled his fraud ring and we will keep pursuing con men who put their own greed above the law.”

Added Keith Fixel, U.S. postal inspector in charge of the Charlotte Division, “Cases like this are particularly devastating because people, like Gregory Bartko, try to hide behind their professional credentials while using them to gain the trust of their victims.  Investors should remain vigilant and verify all information for a potential investment, especially if there are claims of outperforming the market.”

Bartko’s victims were “everyday hardworking people,” said  Jeannine A. Hammett, special agent in charge of the IRS Criminal Investigations Unit. “That makes his crimes even more horrible. It is despicable that Mr. Bartko violated his position of trust for his own personal gain.”

Bartko was charged with his own securities swindle in 2009, while he was representing defendants in the “Billionaire Boys Club” Ponzi case brought in Michigan by the SEC.

A California Ponzi scheme in the 1980s also was known as “The Billionaire Boys Club.”

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4 Responses to “Securities Swindler/Attorney Gregory Bartko Sentenced To 23 Years In Federal Prison”

  1. I know of another attorney who should also be in jail……..

  2. Don: Only one? I can think of at least 3.

  3. Here’a another one to add to the list:

    Taylor is not the only familiar name to crop up. CMA’s solicitor who transferred to you the near-worthless title to the Chesham plot was Dale Robert Walker, who runs a small law firm in Sevenoaks, Kent.

    In 2005 the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal fined Walker £10,000 for offences involving his handling of clients’ money. And in April last year his practising certificate was renewed but subject to conditions. He must deliver regular accountant’s reports and is barred from supervising or training any would-be solicitors.

    Walker has acted for a number of suspect land banking companies. My own files show his links to the Property Partnership, Nationwide Land Development, Burnhill Land, Portfolio Land Acquisitions and Elite Lane Developments.

    So, it is fair to assume that Walker should be well aware that in October 2010 the Law Society warned all solicitors about their duty to sound the alarm over mis-selling land plots. But in case he missed it, I sent him a copy and asked whether he was happy with the conduct of CMA and the other firms he represented. Walker did not reply.

  4. Nothing was said about this guy giving our money back…