PP Blog Experiences Computer Meltdown

Dear Readers,

I drove to my sister’s house this morning to make this quick post. The past few days have brought about a crisis . . .

On Friday, both of the computers used to publish the Blog developed problems with condensation. Precisely how and why this happened remain a mystery. Our desktop machine became wet on the inside. The screen on the laptop, meanwhile, literally was dripping with water.

The bottom line is that both machines got fried. The situation also is affecting our ability to read and return correspondence and access email. Although the site remains online, we have no ability to access the Internet. This probably will be the case through Wednesday or Thursday.

Friends, this is occurring while we’re facing our usual end-of-the-month obstacles. Although my family is going to help me get a replacement computer, the hosting bill is coming due and there are other expenses that must be addressed.

Please help, if you are able.

Thank you.


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3 Responses to “PP Blog Experiences Computer Meltdown”

  1. It would make a lot of difference if the people who promised to send in something actually sent in something.

  2. Quick note: A few minutes ago, I was able to get my brother’s old desktop up and running. It was his first computer, bought new, in either 2001 or 2002.

    So, I’ve managed to get back online and can access the Blog. I’m going to see if I can establish access to my email account. Not sure how long that will take . . .

    I have so much love for my siblings and their spouses.

    Not sure what will happen in the coming days, with respect to getting a permanent fix computer-wise. But the mere fact I can see the Blog again and interact with readers has eased my mind considerably.

    I’ll get to the email ASAP. It is going to take a while, though.


  3. Be sure to check your E-mail or your account.