BULLETIN: JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid Hit By Hackers, Members Claim In Conference Call; Reports Surface About Unauthorized Purchases — And Companion Site May Be Target Of DDoS Attack

Frederick Mann

BULLETIN: There are multiple reports this morning from self-identified residents of the United States and Canada about account hackings and unresponsive support at JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid, the  “program” purportedly operated by former AdSurfDaily pitchman Frederick Mann. JSS/JBP purports to pay a monthly return of 60 percent, double that of the now-defunct ASD, an alleged Ponzi scheme.

Accompanying the hacking reports were comments by Mann that a JSS/JBP-related website known as Tripler.biz was offline, possibly because of a DDoS attack. If the DDoS claim is true, it marks at least the second time a JSS/JBP-related site has been targeted.

Whether the purported account hackings and server-crippling attacks had been reported to law enforcement by either JSS/JBP or its members was not immediately clear.

In a conference call last night, a JSS/JBP member who identified himself as “Kaleem” (sp?) said he’d been blocked out of his account since March 29 and that the “opportunity” had not solved the problem.

“I’ve put my last $2,000 in here,” Kaleem said.

Meanwhile, a JSS/JBP member who identified himself as “Norm” from “Alberta” said “a couple of people” in his group had their accounts hacked.

“I’ve had some sleepless nights on that because I’m managing some of these accounts for these members,” Norm said.

JSS/JBP “support” has dropped the ball, Norm suggested.

“Right now, we’re not getting these accounts back to the people who rightfully own them,” Norm said.

Separately, a woman from “California” who suggested she was helping to manage 21 accounts said this during the call:

“For a few of the accounts, a week after they were opened, they went into Nevis.”

Nevis is an island in the Caribbean Sea.

JSS/JBP support has been unhelpful after her submission of “numerous tickets,” the woman said, adding that someone in a JSS/JBP-related chatroom was “immensely rude” to her.

Although Mann spoke to the purported hackings last night by encouraging members to use the JSS/JBP support function, members appeared to be none too pleased with his guidance.  The hacking issue could prove to be a thorny one because JSS/JBP operates in an environment of secrecy, does not disclose its base of operations and makes members avow they are not with the “government.”  Nor does the purported “opportunity” have any known securities registrations with regulators. At the same time, at least some JSS/JBP members appear to be acting as unregistered broker-dealers and investment advisers who are managing both the JSS/JBP accounts and the payment-processing accounts of their downline recruits.

“My bills are backed up and I still can’t get in,” Kaleem told Mann and the conference-call audience. “Somebody hacked into your system and was moving money to Michael at BigBooster.”

The name “michael” and a Mann-related domain known as BigBooster.com form an email address through which JSS/JBP conducts business. Mann has described “Michael” as a business partner.

Mann pushed AdSurfDaily at the BigBooster domain in 2008, according to records. The U.S. Secret Service later described ASD as an international Ponzi scheme that had gathered $110 million. ASD President Andy Bowdoin was arrested in December 2010 on charges of wire fraud, securities fraud and selling unregistered securities. He faces a trial date in September — and prosecutors now say Bowdoin is pushing a fraudulent scheme known as OneX.

In December 2009, prosecutors said Bowdoin never filed a police report when individuals described as “Russian” hackers purportedly stole $1 million from ASD.

A woman on last night’s call who described herself as “Jackie” in “Arkansas” said her boss — “Leon” — had provided four employees $100 each to join JSS/JBP.

“I have signed up four of my 11 grandchildren,” Jackie said.

But she noted that Leon appeared not to have been given proper credit for at least one person who joined under him, suggesting that an email address had been tampered with.

Kaleem appeared to become increasingly frustrated during the call, suggesting he has lost both his $2,000 outlay and expected profits of thousands of dollars because of the hacking.


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12 Responses to “BULLETIN: JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid Hit By Hackers, Members Claim In Conference Call; Reports Surface About Unauthorized Purchases — And Companion Site May Be Target Of DDoS Attack”

  1. Frederick Mann certainly knows all the classic ponzi excuses. I guess he has learned them all over the years he has been playing these ponzi schemes. This is from 2004:
    Long time ponzi monitors will recognize the obvious ponzi schemes he was promoting back then. They failed with the same excuses.

  2. When the government fails to take notice….then sometimes other measures have to be taken.

  3. Slightly off topic, but some drivel from Ken Russo:

    The first 20 folks to reply to this message will receive fully paid membership into Wealth4All, one of the most popular programs currently available.


    I have quickly received about 60 responses. Here is the list
    of the first 20 who responded….

    Wes C
    Optimus Investment Corp

    The rest are uninteresting.
    Optimus Investment Corp:
    The “website” is justbeenpaid dot com. Google shows this ponzi player also “invested” in other obvious ponzi schemes.

  4. Tony H: Slightly off topic, but some drivel from Ken Russo:

    The first 20 folks to reply to this message will receive fully paid membership into Wealth4All, one of the most popular programs currently available.

    Thanks for this, Tony. I referenced “Ken Russo” in this story today about the collapse of the multifaceted T2 Ponzi scheme:


    Tony H: Wes C
    Optimus Investment Corp

    The rest are uninteresting.
    Optimus Investment Corp:
    The “website” is justbeenpaid dot com. Google shows this ponzi player also “invested” in other obvious ponzi schemes.


    That’s indeed interesting.


  5. Quick note: “Optimus Investment, Corp.” is listed in Nevada records as a company whose officers include three individuals using a Las Vegas Post Office Box.

    One of the individuals (Erich) appears to have URLs that link to both JustBeenPaid and Zeek Rewards. Both links appear to trigger error messages at the respective sites, meaning that the individual at one time perhaps was an affiliate of both programs and that he cannot sign people up through the existing links.

    Why that is so is unclear.

    Here is part of the ad for Zeek Rewards, which appears to be dated July 24, 2011:





    We have the Best Rock Solid Business on the Internet!!

    Everyone can earn an Income with ZeekRewards!

    For the last week we earned a whopping 7.97% and that
    averages to be 1.14% each day. That is actual earnings
    and with the compounding feature the percentage is ever
    higher. This company is on the fast track and the growth
    is phenomenal! Every day that you are not a member is a
    day that you could be earning some GREAT INCOME from a
    REAL COMPANY that is a REAL BUSINESS! You could
    be getting paid every day like me….you will love it!


    So, it’s Zeek Rewards presented as a “passive” investment opportunity that provides a return when “idle cash” is directed at it — while also providing a “compounding” feature.

    What are people to believe about Zeek when ads such as that appear online?

    This is the kind of stuff that “Oz” has been writing about at BehindMLM.com — and yet a sea of Zeek affiliates apparently believes that any person who questions the opportunity is a fool — or, as “Oz” was called, a “stone cold moron.”

    I wrote a story about Zeek on April 20. Someone posted a link to it at Scam.com — and a Zeek supporter declared me “an absolute fool” and the author of “typical and useless dribble.”

    I find it interesting (and embarrassing to American business) that Zeek effectively is auctioning sums of U.S. cash and delivering the sums to the successful bidders via offshore payment processors linked to numerous fraud schemes.

    Zeek, like JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid, also has a presence on the Ponzi boards, which leads to questions about whether Zeek’s own affiliates are driving tainted funds to Zeek.

    It is hardly irrational or improper to question precisely what type of business Zeek is engaging in and whether its members — regardless of how Zeek itself describes the “program” — are using it as an investment program and presenting it as such either in direct or wink-nod fashion as was the case with ASD.

    As an American, it concerns me that Zeek, a U.S. company, is using AlertPay and SolidTrustPay, which are enabling “programs” such as JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid and any number of fraud schemes.

    JSS/JBP is a five-alarm, obvious fraud scheme that does not even disclose its base of operations and makes members affirm they are not with the “government.”

    Affiliate promos were banned in Italy, websites based in the United States have gone missing — and still the Ponzi cheerleaders cheer on.

    There have been multiple reports of account hackings at JSS/JBP, whose purported operator — Frederick Mann — was an ASD pitchman and has a site that provides links to videos of a purported “sovereign citizen” implicated in an alleged plot against government officials in Alaska.


  6. […] Just Been Paid that is using something called a JSS Tripler. There is no need for me to explain how scam JSS Triplers work since someone has done that for me […]

  7. I love JustBeenPaid. Oh yeah … I have invested a good amount of money ant this scam has already paid me back my money and I have gained profit. I love the love the tripler. Oh yeah … how about $15000 USD in a month. Bite that … Mr. Pretty boy. By the way, Mr. Pretty, your articles have bad reference to anything really definite about JBP and Fredrick Mann. You have to show people the proof, and not just write “he said, she said … ” kinds of things in your articles. I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is. Go to JBP and try out the tripler and prove that you won’t get your money back and make a profit. Try it! At least you’ll have some credibility by then :) …

  8. Quick note: For good measure, “beau” also sent me this email at 11:34 a.m. EDT:


    You annoy me. You are a total loser with no credibility. I challenge
    you to try out Justbeenpaid.com. Go ahead and humor me. DO THAT BEFORE
    YOU ACTUALLY start shooting your mouth off. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR
    MOUTH IS MORON!!! DO IT WOOSE! … and then tell us how if you weren’t
    paid. I will show you how ignorant you are. IGNORANCE breeds stupidity
    and fear. Or there is a good change you are being paid by the
    government or some organization to dis companies you have no idea
    about. I made $15000 USD in less then 5 weeks since april 28/2012. And
    I haven’t even reached the end of my compounding terms.I HAVE LOST
    MORE IN THE DAMNABLE STOCKMARKET then what people like you and this
    stupid government tauts as legit. You wanna talk about scams, then
    start at the top shall we? Start with the Federal Reserve. Let’s be
    fair here. Further more JBP is an offshore company not bound under us
    jurisdiction. So the feds can go screws themselves since all they want
    to do is get their hands in the pie with the elite banking cartel.
    Where is your article on the Federal Reserve, IMF, Central Banks etc
    and the FBI and other agencies involved in corruption?


  9. Of course another criminal has to show their face and claim this scam is legit just so they can get their initial money back. That’s why they need people to join now as the collapse is here.
    They know no one has to join to see it is a scam.
    Then, the repeated, failed argument that everything else in the world is somehow a scam except their criminal enterprise is just icing on the proof. They also seem to forget already that ‘mann’ admitted it’s a ponzi. Can’t unring that bell no matter how hard they try.

  10. I can’t believe people are naive enough to fall for these types of programs. Is this Bernie Madoff all over again on a smaller scale. Notice how these programs base their business Internationally, that way when they pull the plug they will be hard to find.

    Run don’t walk as far away from these programs as fast as you can and never look back.

    That’s my honest opinion of these types of programs.

  11. Let me guess… “beau” was Beau Bridgewater, who I’ve watched jump from scam to scam like a flea for close to half a decade now?

  12. […] operated by former ASD pitchman Frederick Mann began to use the offshore processors — amid claims from JSS/JPB pitchmen that they not only were recruiting for JSS/JBP, but also managing both the JSS/JBP accounts of […]