Iowa GOP State Senate Candidate Quits Race, Thanks Ron Paul Supporters — And Declares Herself ‘U.S. Senator In The Republic Of The United States Of America’

Using rhetoric commonly associated with the “sovereign citizens” movement, a GOP candidate for a state Senate seat in Iowa abruptly quit the race on July 4 and declared herself “U.S. Senator in the Republic of the United States Of America.”

Businesswoman Randi Shannon now calls herself “Senator Randi Shannon,” is reporting.

Much remains mysterious about Shannon’s departure from the race and apparent decision either to appoint herself a “Senator” or to accept such an appointment from a purported alternative government. Although the word “sovereign” does not appear in a four-page letter received by from Shannon that apparently seeks to explain the recent bizarre events, some “sovereign citizens” have been known to adopt political titles and the titles of royalty.

Monty Ervin, for example, declared himself “governor” of Alabama in its “original jurisdiction.” His wife, Patricia Ervin, once declared herself a “Most Christian Princess” who’d been “certified” by Prince George, whom she described as the “Arch Treasurer” for “The United States of America” in the “Treaty of Paris of 1783,” according to court filings.

Monty Ervin later was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for a bizarre tax scheme. Patricia Ervin was sentenced to do her time on “40 consecutive weekends.”

Perhaps the most curious part of Shannon’s letter is the even tone. Despite the extraordinary assertions included in the letter, Shannon writes with something that approaches utter detachment, as though dropping out of a Senate race while simultaneously declaring oneself a Senator is just an ordinary life choice. Here are snippets from the letter (italics added):

I want to especially thank my fellow Ron Paul for President Supporters, My Fellow Members of Liberty, My Friends who home school as did I, the many Pro-Life Members who have been so supportive of my  candidacy over these past few months, and of course all my supporters in the Republican Party who have  offered me so much help and encouragement, including many Republican Office holders here in Iowa, I promise you, your efforts on My behalf will be remembered.  

Let me now announce to everyone in Iowa, I have become aware of the existence of the Original Republic for The United States of America. “We the People” re-inhabited our lawful de jure (de jur- “by right of lawful establishment”) government on March 30th,  2010.  This is The Republic founded in 1787 and then abandoned during The Civil War in the 1860s . . .

Therefore, in order to affect the most good on behalf of The People of Iowa’s 34th  District and in keeping with my conscience, I have accepted the position of U.S. Senator in The Republic of The United States of America, where I may better serve You and All of The People of Iowa.  I want you to know I have taken an Oath to Uphold, Support and Defend The Constitution of The United States of America.  This I will do to the best of my ability, So Help Me God. 



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7 Responses to “Iowa GOP State Senate Candidate Quits Race, Thanks Ron Paul Supporters — And Declares Herself ‘U.S. Senator In The Republic Of The United States Of America’”

  1. For some further reading on this movement, research “republic of the united States” and our supposed President, Tim Turner.

  2. The Daily Kos has some interesting stories. Here’s one:

    The good thing is we don’t have to abide by any constitutional amendments passed after 1860, or any federal laws or Supreme Court decisions interpreting those laws. In fact we aren’t really citizens at all! We are each of us individual “Sovereigns.”

  3. Only thing I’ll point out is that Tim Turner’s phantasy republic is more properly addressed as the “Republic for the united States of America.”
    The use of “for” instead of “of” is a point of dogma and well as the refusal to capitalize the letter ‘U’ in “united.”

    I realize that things like this seem like trivial non sense to 14th amendment citizens but I assure you they are like TOTALLY important to the people who want you to pay them to teach you how to get out of a parking ticket by proving you aren’t under the jurisdiction of the Federal, state and local governments.

  4. Hark, is that the theme from The Twilight Zone I hear playing in the background…?

  5. Personally, I would have opted for Empress of the Universe

  6. Hey Republican Randi Shannon: Take Willard Mitt Romney with you to your BS Republic for the United States you traitor.

  7. Its about time . I agree with what randi is doing once people see what is going on in our government they will join the republic I have been trying to tell people about our situation and we can’t just sit back and get robbed wake up people we are in trouble learn about new world order and agenda21 this is what we have to turn around