As Zeek-Related Fundraising Efforts Begin, ‘Andy’s Fundraising Army’ Down For The Final Count: AdSurfDaily Patriarch Andy Bowdoin Awaits Sentencing In Pre-Zeek, 1-Percent-A-Day Ponzi Scheme Case

UPDATED 11:31 P.M. EDT (AUG. 26, U.S.A.) After the collapse of AdSurfDaily in 2008, there were at least four efforts to raise funds to “defend” the Ponzi enterprise and/or its participants. The PP Blog has received reports that at least one such effort is under way in the aftermath of the collapse last week of Zeek Rewards, which the SEC called a $600 million Ponzi- and pyramid scheme that had affected more than 1 million people. Zeek also is under investigation by the U.S. Secret Service and the office of North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Zeek members who cling to a belief that the government somehow got it wrong perhaps can save themselves both money and heartache by looking at the history of the various ASD-related efforts to “defend” the multilevel marketing “program” after the U.S. Secret Service seized 15 bank accounts (and about $80 million) in ASD-related proceeds in August 2008.

Here are briefs on the various ASD-related “defense” efforts:

“Andy’s Fundraising Army”: This bizarre effort was the fourth and final of a series of failed ASD-related efforts. Started by accused ASD Ponzi schemer Thomas A. “Andy” Bowdoin himself last summer (with the purported help of ASD cheerleader Tari Steward), the effort immediately devolved into a symphony of the bizarre.

With Bowdoin effectively having been out of public view for nearly three years, the purported “army” teased potential contributors for days with a photo that showed Bowdoin smiling broadly and looking confident. Among other things, the teaser asserted there was “MORE GOOD NEWS” and plenty of reasons to help Bowdoin raise $500,000 to pay for his criminal defense.

It went on to assert that “A Recent Survey of ASD Members Proves that the Vast Majority of You Want to Join Andy’s Fundraising Army” and that “[P]er standard and accepted industry guidelines, public opinion surveying of 140 members of a large group of members that all share a common interest or purpose, of any size, even in the millions, will give an excellent cross section of the opinions and viewpoints of the entire group.”

But the “army” site did not describe the characteristics of the 140 ASD members purportedly sampled. Nor did it define what specific surveying “standard” it applied or define the source of the purported “industry guidelines.”

And what would a good, MLM-like approach to raise funds for an accused HYIP scammer (1 percent a day) be without a “prelaunch” phase? With the teaser in place, a placeholder website for “Andy’s Fundraising Army” promised a full launch to come, along with the exciting opportunity for ASD members to send funds to the man accused of defrauding them to the tune of $110 million.

But like a bad HYIP dream, the “army” website naturally missed its first advertised launch date. This was blamed on the need for more “testing,” reinforcing one of the HYIP world’s longstanding clichés. It then missed its second advertised launch date, explaining that “one last important system is being finalized.” With the first two launch dates missed, the site reported that it had set a “Final Revised Launch Date.”

During the evening of July 26, 2011, the launch finally occurred. Like many things ASD, it provided minute after minute of MLM infamy. Indeed, Bowdoin appeared in a fundraising video with symbols of American patriotism as the backdrop.

Among other things, Bowdoin — who in 2008 described himself as a Christian “money magnet” and advised ASD members after the Secret Service raid that “God” was on the company’s side and that “Satan” had infiltrated the government — claimed in the video that he’d been “crucified” by U.S. law enforcement.

He blamed the ASD-related losses in civil court on a federal judge, the prosecutors and his own former defense counsel. Bowdoin asked members to provide $500,000 to help him pay his new defense team.

It is believed he raised about $26,000 in the following weeks — but things continued to unfold like a bad HYIP dream. There was a report that a hurricane knocked the fundraising site offline, for instance. By January 2012, the site had lost its ability to collect money via PayPal. Federal prosecutors declined to comment on the development, which occurred after Bowdoin had become a pitchman for “OneX.”

In April 2012, prosecutors described OneX as a fraudulent scheme and pyramid. Bowdoin pleaded guilty to wire fraud the following month, admitting ASD was a Ponzi scheme. His fundraising website, which published purported “expert” opinions from attorney Gerald Nehra and consultant Keith Laggos that ASD was not a Ponzi scheme, remained online for weeks after the guilty plea.

The “Andy’s Army” site is now offline and is listed as an expired domain. In recent days, Bowdoin — as part of his plea agreement — has dropped his last remaining claim to cash seized in the ASD case. (A third ASD-related forfeiture complaint was filed by the government in December 2010. Bowdoin entered a claim.) He is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 29.

Nehra’s law firm later became counsel for Zeek, according to Zeek. And Laggos became a purported “consultant.”

Todd Disner and Dwight Owen Schweitzer: Even as Bowdoin was rolling out his “army” website and repeatedly missing launch dates, ASD figures Todd Disner and Dwight Owen Schweitzer were advancing a plan to raise money to sue the government. An email attributed to Disner surfaced in July 2011 that introduced a pronoun mystery: “We plan to go after Akerman Senifit (sic) next,” the email read in part.

Akerman Senterfitt was the name of Bowdoin’s original defense law firm in the civil portion of the ASD case. In the earliest days of the case, ASD cheerleaders on the now-defunct “Surf’s Up” forum positioned the well-known firm as the “Perry Mason” firm; the government, meanwhile, was said to be represented by “Gomer Pyle.” A federal judge was described as “brain dead” if she ruled against ASD, and a federal prosecutor was described as an individual who deserved to be placed in a medieval torture rack.

Why Disner chose the pronoun “we” was never explained. The July 2011 email followed an April 2011 email attributed to Disner that included this declaration: “Let the games begin!”

During this period, Disner and Schweitzer were soliciting funds to sue the government. This effort began at an unclear point of time after November 2008, the month a federal judge issued a key court ruling against ASD while saying Nehra’s opinion could not be relied upon in part because it “relied solely on the written words contained in the Terms of Service without independent investigation or review of ASD’s business records to ascertain how ASD operates in fact before opining.” (Bolding added.)

If the judge’s ruling could be reduced to two words, it might read, “Gomer won.”

At an unclear point in time, both Disner and Schweitzer became reps for Zeek. They filed their ASD-related lawsuit in November 2011, claiming, among other things, that the government had presented a “tissue of lies” when bringing the August 2008 forfeiture case. As part of their apparent strategy, Disner and Schweitzer pointed to purported expert opinions of Nehra and Laggos. Disner and Schweitzer produced those opinions months after ASD had lost two civil-forfeiture cases in both U.S. District Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Months later, Bowdoin himself put both Disner and Schweitzer in a box. In May 2012 — after Nehra and Laggos both had opined ASD was not a Ponzi scheme and after Disner and Schweitzer had sued the government — Bowdoin admitted that ASD was a Ponzi scheme.

Bob Guenther and ASDMBA: In 2008, ASD member Bob Guenther became the de facto head of an entity known as the ASD Members Business Association. The stated goal of ASDMBA was to raise funds to hire Dallas attorney Larry Friedman to represent ASD members’ interests in the case.

ASDMBA soon devolved into a circus, with Guenther using its website to promote a company that was developing an online game. Along the way, Friedman sued ASD critic Jack Arons, triggering a side drama that lasted for weeks and burying Arons in an avalanche of paperwork. (As a matter of pure PR, high-powered Friedman came out the loser for bringing out nukes against a web critic armed with a fly-swatter. The avalanche finally ended, with Arons, a Florida retiree who lives in a manufactured home, largely unscathed.) Guenther, meanwhile, refused to provide a reliable accounting of how the tens of thousands of dollars raised by ASDMBA was spent, according to members.

Guenther bizarrely dismissed his critics as “left wing liberal no balled people,” calling one an “ignorant mouthy broad.” He also claimed ASDMBA was instrumental in returning money to ASD victims, saying the group retrieved funds for retired and active-duty police officers in Texas and California, and for a high profile Dallas Cowboy’s executive.

Nothing in the public record suggests Guenther had any standing to perform any services on behalf of ASD members. It later emerged that Guenther was a convicted felon. Months after the 2008 formation of ASDMBA, in March 2009, Guenther was charged with two felony counts of aggravated harassment. Mesa, Arizona, police said Guenther repeatedly violated a court injunction for workplace harassment that prohibited him from nuisancing Cheyenne Mountain and Affiliates, the Arizona business that was developing the online game promoted on ASDMBA’s website.

Guenther later accepted a plea agreement in the harassment case. No jail time was ordered.

ASD Members International: This one was hatched by members of the pro-ASD “Surf’s Up” forum, which became Bowdoin’s official mouthpiece after the key court ruling went against ASD in November 2008. ASDMI was a purported nonprofit entity formed in Missouri. Its bizarre mission was to raise funds to litigate against the government even if the government was proceeding lawfully. In short, ASDMI planted the seed that prosecutors and investigators would be sued and/or charged with crimes.

It is believed that at least 168 people contributed money to ASDMI.

Included in the ASDMI braintrust was former Surf’s Up moderator Barb McIntyre, who enforced a “Poof Penalty” when ASD members left links on Surf’s Up to stories on the PP Blog.

But if there was an ASDMI “star,” it was “Professor” Patrick Moriarty, one of the most unusual characters in the entire ASD drama. Moriarty was an early advocate for Curtis Richmond, a purported “sovereign” being who advanced a theory that all commerce was lawful as long as the buyer and seller agreed to a contract. Among other things, it was a position that would have legalized slavery and human trafficking. Richmond went on to accuse a federal judge of “TREASON” and to accuse investigators of theft.

Richmond was hailed a “hero” on Surf’s Up, which never revealed that Richmond had been found in contempt of court for threatening federal judges and was part of a Utah “Indian” tribe a federal judge ruled a “complete sham.” (This is the “tribe” known derisively as the “Arby’s Indians” because it once held a meeting in an Arby’s restaurant in Utah. The purported “tribe” also had a purported “Supreme Court.” The address for the “Supreme Court” was the address of a doughnut shop. Richmond was sued successfully under the federal racketeering statute (RICO) by public officials in Utah targeted in a vexatious legal campaign by Richmond and other “tribe” members.)

With Surf’s Up fanning the flames that federal prosecutors and a U.S. Secret Service agent needed to be investigated and prosecuted for their roles in the ASD Ponzi case, it emerged that Moriarty — who once sold fake academic degrees on eBay, claiming they were gag gifts — once had started a purported nonprofit in the name of a man accused of killing a woman in cold blood and ambushing two Missouri police officers and another man.

Moriarty later was indicted on charges of tax evasion. He pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to federal prison.

NOTE TO ZEEK READERS: This document, which was filed by federal prosecutors in December 2008, is the second of three known forfeiture complaints filed against ASD-related assets. It is highly recommended reading.

The document was filed about four months after the original — and best-known ASD forfeiture complaint — was filed.

The ASD case started as a civil case with a parallel criminal investigation. Zeek-related litigation may follow the same track. Ponzi investigations take time. The December 2008 ASD forfeiture complaint shows that investigators continued to “follow the money” and to destroy ASD’s cover story after the original forfeiture complaint was filed.

It likely is true that the August 2008 complaint has received the most attention — no doubt because it laid out the core elements of the government’s case. But the December 2008 filing was tremendously damaging because it provided the first real inside glimpse into how ASD truly was operating.



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18 Responses to “As Zeek-Related Fundraising Efforts Begin, ‘Andy’s Fundraising Army’ Down For The Final Count: AdSurfDaily Patriarch Andy Bowdoin Awaits Sentencing In Pre-Zeek, 1-Percent-A-Day Ponzi Scheme Case”

  1. With a class action lawsuit in the works for Zeek that was just announced, it reminded me of the RICO lawsuit filed against ASD, BofA and I think Robert Garner. Since I have not seen anything about it, I assume it is still in the courts, or was it dropped?

  2. Lynn wrote: “With a class action lawsuit in the works for Zeek that was just announced, it reminded me of the RICO lawsuit filed against ASD, BofA and I think Robert Garner. Since I have not seen anything about it, I assume it is still in the courts, or was it dropped?”

    Hi Lynn,

    BOA was not named a RICO defendant. The assertion against it was that it aided and abetted the fraud scheme.

    The RICO case against Bowdoin and Garner and the abetting claim against BOA are still on hold because of all the other litigation that piled up around ASD.


  3. Who cares about ASD!!!! Paul Burks isn’t a criminal and this is entirely different. So if a guy shoots and kills a person and defends himself then comes out later and admits wrongdoing that no one should defend themselves in that situation because they must be guilty!!!

  4. Dua: Who cares about ASD!!!!

    Respectfully, Dua, you should.

    And the reason you should is that Zeek was using the same basic business model and the history of the ASD case — proceeding from civil to criminal — could provide important information to the great masses of disaffected Zeekers.


  5. Dua: Who cares about ASD!!!! Paul Burks isn’t a criminal and this is entirely different. So if a guy shoots and kills a person and defends himself then comes out later and admits wrongdoing that no one should defend themselves in that situation because they must be guilty!!!

    I don;t see how a bank robber shooting someone while commiting the crime would be innocent. Burks had a chance to defend himself in court. He has declined knowing he can not win as he IS a criminal. If you are that steadfast in your belief, tell him you’ll pay for his representation and have him go to court and prove his innocence.

  6. Dua: Who cares about ASD!!!!

    Ever heard the expression: those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it?

    Zeek is ASD 2.0. Same lawyer and consultant, same top cadre of affiliates.

    Paul Burks isn’t a criminal and this is entirely different. So if a guy shoots and kills a person …

    Your fantasy scenario doesn’t apply because Bowdoin of ASD fought his case for several years before pleading guilty.

    Burks didn’t defend himself. He plead “no contest” and gave up the whole company and 4 million to settle charges with the SEC.

    Expect more charges in the near future. CRIMINAL charges, even.

  7. The “Zeek Affiliates defense fund” and retaining an attorney has begun. maybe it is Gerald Nehra?? I wonder how far they will get, with their “proof”.

  8. If it’s the one operated by Craddock, he’s gonna hire his own company registration agent.

  9. Just some inside info I wanted to share at the risk of looking like an advocate.

    From: Dave Kettner [deleted by admin]
    Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 7:41 PM
    To: [deleted by admin]
    Subject: Law Firm and Proof Announced

    To view this message as a web page, click here

    Hey Team,

    We have had a lot of emails, Facebook interaction, and phone calls over the more then 24 hours now since we have announced the news that we are rallying support to fight for our Zeek Rewards home businesses. Most of the responses have been positive, some negative, and many people with questions. With all that we have been through over the past week, from the CID, to the SEC, to tons of junk posted on the Internet, I totally understand.

    Many people have been asking what proof do we have and where did we get it from. As we move forward over the next few days, we will be able to release more of the proof to you and you will see very quickly why we all stepped up to fight the cause to get our Zeek Rewards business back. Realise that the SEC brought before the judge the pages that we have seen on the SEC website asking the judge for an emergency shut down of Zeek Rewards without any proof of their allegations. They were granted this emergency action due to the fact that they portrayed Zeek as a company that was imploding and not able to sustain itself. They did this to protect what they called the “investor” funds before these funds were gone and could still get the “victims” their money back.

    We now know that the SEC did not present the entire picture of the Zeek Rewards business as they only used the numbers and facts that would support this emergency action to shut the company down. When the proof is presented to the court, it will show that the money that was paid to the Zeek Affilates from the revenue sharing for the RPP came directly from the profits from the Zeekler auctions especially the PAID auctions (not from the free bid auction), the Free Store Club, and other products that were sold. Affiliates were not paid from the Sample VIP Bid Purchases from the affiliates. Notice that the SEC never even mentioned anything about Zeekler and the paid auctions nor anything about the Free Store Club. These facts will prove that Zeek Rewards WAS NOT A PONZI SCHEME.

    In addition, proving that Zeek Rewards was not an investment will be easy. Everything that was presented as approved material from the company clearly states that, “This is not an investment nor are you purchasing any shares in the company. Affiliates ARE NOT guaranteed any type of profits or returns.” This is not exact as the sites are currently down, but it is very close. Also, we always shared either the Dog Gone Truth” video and/or the Income Disclosure Statement where it was clearly stated what the 2011 affiliates profits were and on the low end the profits for people that did nothing was zero.

    It is our goal to petition the courts to enjoin the emergency injunction against Zeek Rewards until the SEC can provide proof for their accusations. In addition, we will provide our proof for what the Zeek Rewards business model truly was about with ALL of the real numbers which will disprove everything the SEC has stated. From this, it is our hope to be able to reopen Zeek Rewards and move forward with our businesses.

    For us to accomplish this, we need you and as many affiliates to step up and join the fight! We need as many affiliates as possible to donate what they can to help raise the funds to retain our law firm. We have heard from people wanting to know if this effort is for real and wanting to make sure that the money will be going to the correct place. Not only do you have my word being someone that is one of the core group of affiliates bringing forth these actions, but you are also fully backed by PayPal which is the #1 source for paying for products and services online. You have the confidence knowing that if the funds are not going to the correct place, then you will be able to get your money back from PayPal.

    With that said, we need the masses to step up and spread the word to your teams. If only 10% of the Zeek affiliates donated just $20, we would have quite the war chest to achieve our goals. Also, any funds that are not used, will be paid back to all who donated from the protected group. We will have a CPA firm taking care of all of the donations and everything will be fully documented. The way I see it, even if you donated only $100 to this cause, it is fully worth whatever risk you think this might be to fight for your individual Zeek Rewards businesses. Plus you will be part of the protected group who will be fully represented by our law firm that will be retained. Therefore you will be protected against outside attacks as well.

    I have been told that we can now share the name of the law firm that we are looking to retain on Monday. The firm is called SNR Denton and you can read about the firm here: [deleted by admin]. We cannot share the two attorneys at this time as we do not want them to receive tons of calls. Also, please do not call the law firm as they cannot take your calls. Please continue to send your questions directly to: [deleted by admin]

    We have been getting a lot of likes on our Facebook page with a lot of interaction. If you have not liked the page and/or participated, you can do here: [deleted by admin]. Please be sure to also post our efforts on your Facebook, send tweets, etc. All your social interaction online will help to go viral our message and get more Zeek Rewards affiliates to support our cause and join the protected group by donating money. The site to donate the funds that will be used to pay for the Law Firm is located at: [deleted by admin]. Fun Team USA is the company by Robert Craddock who is collecting the funds, keeping track of all the transactions, and added all of the names to the protected group.

    Remember, this is our actions for justice as individual Zeek Rewards home business owners and has nothing to do with anything with corporate nor anything with the agreement that Paul Burks signed with the SEC. This is our businesses and our fight and we now have the proof that we need to stand up for our Zeek Rewards businesses and for do process of the law to happen. We have rights and we are going to fight for them. Edmund Burke stated, “Evil prevails when good men do nothing.” Do not sit back and let the government wrongly take away our businesses and everything that we have worked for. I am not going to stand for it…are you?

    God Bless and have faith to pray for what seems to be the impossible…but I believe that nothing is impossible if it is God’s will.

    Dave Kettner

    P.S. I found out that anyone who purchased advance tickets for the Nashville event will be receiving their refunds shortly…thanks!

    This message was sent to you at [deleted by admin] regarding:

  10. I wonder what would happen if one of these massive Ponzi schemes turned out to be a sting operation run by undercover law enforcement, and the victims tried to pull this sort of lawsuit to get their “hero” out of trouble without realizing that he’d been a Federal agent all along?

  11. So who are they going to sue? Burks? He’s admitted it’s a ponzi.

  12. Realise that the SEC brought before the judge the pages that we have seen on the SEC website asking the judge for an emergency shut down of Zeek Rewards without any proof of their allegations</blockquote?

    WRONG, and that would be wrong with a capital B/S

  13. What these people fail to realize is that they were participating in an unregistered security. The Securities Acts of 1933 and 1934 were passed to protect investors from this very type of thing and it was rampant during the years leading up to the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression.

    The reason for requiring registration of securities is that there has to be accountability. No one in Zeek knows anything about the finances in the company, there are no financial statements, no audits no 10Q’s, 10K’s or any documentation at all — just the word of Paul Burks.

    The SEC documents indicate that member credit balances totalled 3 BILLION Dollars (I think it was paragraph 33). How in the world can a company that is Accruing daily “liabilities” (i.e. daily earnings/rev share) possibly generate enough money to cover that?

    At just the 1.5% per day, that means over $45 MILLION dollars has to generated daily to cover just the accrual of interest that had been claimed to be earned.

    Further, just because an investment doesn’t “guarantee” returns doesn’t mean it’s not an investment/security.

    Stocks are securities and they don’t pay a fixed return.

    I also found it interesting in the letter to see that the writer including the from FSC as being included as if it’s that a good thing. What that says is that it only taints the situation further, making it even more complicated and perhaps even stretching into being under the rules of BDC’s (Business Development Companies) which is even more stringent.

    Anyway, the Zeek members seem to be genuine in their frustration and intentions but they are misguided. Zeek was an unregistered security and was unsustainable.

    That’s what makes these ponzi schemes, especially the sophisticated ones, so dangerous – they suck in other wise good, well intentioned people who wind up getting hurt.


  14. ARWR: Anyway, the Zeek members seem to be genuine in their frustration and intentions but they are misguided. Zeek was an unregistered security and was unsustainable.

    And, it appears many of them haven’t even read the complaint and are relying on the word of people who were the same ones who lead them into the situation in the first place.



    They didn’t make things up to fool the Judge.

    They presented the facts, the Judge looked at them, Paul Burks didn’t disagree and the Judge agreed.

    The complaint isn’t a transcript of what went on in court.

    The complaint wasn’t rubber stamped.

    It was presented to a highly trained and highly experienced Federal Court judge who considered the application and the evidence and ruled on it.

    AND Paul Burks agreed with it WITHOUT admitting guilt or innocence.

    If anyone thinks Burks was willing to give up 4MILLION bucks AND every single asset of his company and STILL wants to throw more money at anything Zeek related, well, jolly good luck to them.

  15. Zeekheads are jumping whichever way their judas goats are saying to jump.

    it’s no different India’s SpeakAsia Ponzi spawning that “AISPA” organization that supposedly represents the panelists but in reality is fighting every police investigation and even paid off one complainant in hopes of restarting the scam.

    They don’t even have standing, as they are affiliates. Craddock certainly had none as he was a consultant. Burks, being 100% owner is the only one that had standing, and he already signed away the entire company to the SEC.

    This is just a way for some one to gather up some money and run away with it, albeit completely legal this time.

  16. Kettner is very good in spinning, obfuscation, and hiding the truth not conducive to his “narrative”.

  17. An e-mail I received this week:

    Zeekers – Don’t lose your income without a fight Re: subscribe

    suzyn posch (Redacted) [Add]
    (Redacted) [Add]
    Tue, 21 Aug 2012 5:31 AM (4 days 22 hours ago)

    Zeek Diamond Updates [email protected]
    8:12 AM (2 hours ago)


    I am joining Todd Disner who is putting together a Legal Team to go
    after the Government for what they did to Zeek Rewards and How They
    Did It!

    Dear Zeek Rewards Team Affiliate

    In a few days we are putting together a war chest to go after the SEC
    and The Legal System that BROKE EVERY RULE IN THE BOOK!

    They interfered with our business and our privacy. Paul Burkes was
    literally Physically Sick, and did not have the strength or the will
    power to fight.

    We know they came in with their scare tactics the same way they did
    with ASD. Do not let the press or rumors drown you out with here say.

    Just because they say it that does not make it TRUE or RIGHT. They
    took on ONE MAN – PAUL BURKES and WON a BATTLE…

    But now they need to take on TWO MILLION ZEEK REWARD AFFILIATES who
    will have a Multi-Million Dollar Legal War Chest.

    The Government of The United States

    And if you think The Government of the USA is to big to take on… Let
    me reword it for you…

    ZEEK REWARD AFFILIATES & GOD “VS” The Government of The United States


    TO STAY UP TO DATE E-MAIL US AT “Zeek Diamond Updates”

    We knew Todd Disner and Dave Kettner ran one of the “we sell Zeek Rewards customers” websites together and Dave was most likely in Todd’s downline. How much do you want to bet that Robert Craddock is as well?

    And now Troy is giving this lawsuit publicity which will ensure that Todd, Dave and Robert will take in more money from Zeek victims than they would have otherwise.

    I’m not even sure Todd’s legal team can establish standing. The money doesn’t belong to the victims, it belonged to Rex Ventures and was forfeited to the receiver who will in time, return it to the victims. But it’s an issue of settled law that the victims don’t “own” the money but are rather “owed” a debt and that specific issue was addressed by Judge Collyer when she dismissed “third party interventions” in the ASD forfeiture case:

  18. Troy Dooly revealed that Craddock just put in his corp renewal on SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Apparently he reads my blog… or Dooly gave him a headsup (as I warned Dooly as well)