American Accused In Alleged California Ponzi Scheme And Wanted By INTERPOL Convicted In Drug Case In Ireland

Scott Edward Cavell. Source: INTERPOL.

A California man wanted by U.S. prosecutors in a Ponzi-scheme case was living in a rented house in Ireland and has been convicted in an Irish drug case, the Independent reported.

Scott Edward Cavell, now 29, was described on the FBI website in 2009 as “still a fugitive, believed to be outside the United States.”

At the time of this post, INTERPOL has a listing for Cavell on a warrant from the Eastern District of California.

But that may change, according to details published by the Independent about comments made by an Irish judge (italics added):

Judge Nolan said he was satisfied that Cavell had profited from the drugs operation but accepted that it is “highly likely” that he will face a lengthy prison term in America when the “federal authorities there have their say with him”.

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