STAR TRIBUNE: Ponzi Pitchman Bo Beckman Sentenced To 30 Years; Judge Scolds Trevor Cook’s Key Rainmaker For Wordplay

recommendedreading1UPDATED 7:52 A.M. ET (U.S.A.) The Star Tribune of Minneapolis/St. Paul is reporting that Jason Bo-Alan Beckman has been sentenced to 30 years in the $194 million Trevor Cook Ponzi scheme and that the sentencing judge scolded Beckman for using the English language as a weapon against investors he harmed.

Beckman was Cook’s key rainmaker in a colossal scam aimed at senior citizens and people of faith.

From the Star Tribune (italics added):

“You have used the English language to do violence to so many,” Davis told Beckman. “It is not a gun. It is worse than a gun.”

Fellow Cook pitchmen Pat Kiley and Gerald Durand also are scheduled to be sentenced today.

Beckman’s sentence is five years longer than the term Cook received in 2010.



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5 Responses to “STAR TRIBUNE: Ponzi Pitchman Bo Beckman Sentenced To 30 Years; Judge Scolds Trevor Cook’s Key Rainmaker For Wordplay”

  1. Hmm kind of makes you wonder if the enablers in the Zeek Rewards Ponzi should be taking note of this ruling, as what may be in store for them if charged and convicted.

    One thing for sure, if they would, it would definitely send a message that the promoters and shlls days of just moving to the next Ponzi de Jour are over with consequences if you do.

  2. Involvement in $194M Ponzi scheme = 30 years?

    Running a $600M Ponzi scheme = ???

    What’s cooking Paul Burks?

  3. Lynndel “Lynn” Edgington:

    sounds to me like the Judge read your book.

  4. Quick note: Gerald Durand was sentenced to 20 years. Christopher Pettengill was sentenced to 90 months. The sentencing of Pat Kiley has been delayed until Jan. 18.

    Statement by U.S. Attorney B. Todd Jones:

    “We are very pleased with today’s sentences. These are the types of cases this office will vigorously pursue—cases where defendants prey on vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, or use special relationships, like those established through faith communities, to commit financial fraud that devastates thousands of people, crushing their dreams of retirement or college for their children.”

    Full statement from Jones’ office here:

    Now, I’ll editorialize a bit . . .

    The tentacles of the Cook fraud were far-reaching. I hope some of the Zeek victims visit the page of R.J. Zayed, the Trevor Cook receiver. Think of it as a free education.

    It often is the case in Ponzi land that one fraud scheme has ties to another. I’d encourage Zeekers to read this story:

    More on ties:

    In May 2009, the PP Blog reported that AdViewGlobal, the AdSurfDaily Ponzi knockoff, announced that it had obtained a new offshore wire facilitator. The announcement was made ON THE SAME DAY the President of the United States announced a crackdown on offshore scams.

    Simply put, AVG’s brazen conduct was unbelievable.

    It turned out that AVG’s facilitator was KINGZ Capital Management Corp.

    And it also turned out that KINGZ had a tie to Trevor Cook:


  5. ((Dan Browning * Prosecution) + $$$$) – physical evidence) = Beckman Character Assasination