UPDATE: Craddock To Zeek Troops: Receiver Is Still Evil — And BOLO For Commies And Nazis

ponzinews1UPDATED 7:03 P.M. ET (U.S.A.) Zeek Rewards figure Robert Craddock told his conference-call audience last night that the court-appointed receiver in the Zeek case was still evil.

For good measure, Craddock pointed listeners to a video that planted the seed there is a Communist or budding Hitler behind every tree. (These evildoers, if our take on the video is correct, apparently are descendants of white-haired, briefcase-wielding evildoers first spotted in the Peoples Republic of California at Berkeley in 1992.)

Craddock further suggested that the PP Blog has backed away from Zeek, apparently because it has seen the evil of its ways after assessing all of the government evil Craddock and team have exposed and concluding that, yes, the U.S. government and the receiver are evil.

The PP Blog has made no such conclusion. (The Blog believes the SEC is correct in its take on matters and that the receiver is correct on his take on matters.)

In other news, Craddock apparently now has concluded that Blogger Troy Dooly is less evil than he was a couple of weeks ago and that the judge overseeing the Zeek Ponzi case is less of a political hack than he was several weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Craddock put out a casting call for a reporter interested in exposing all the government evil its Zeek case has exposed.

That is all.

(Background: See Dec. 3, 2012, PP Blog editorial:  EDITORIAL: The ‘Zeek-Step,’ The Stepfordian Shuffle And The Stalinist HYIP.)

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3 Responses to “UPDATE: Craddock To Zeek Troops: Receiver Is Still Evil — And BOLO For Commies And Nazis”

  1. You forgot to mention that Craddock needs money to pay his attorney, but of course this is for the good of all the Zeek members who sent money to Fun Club USA.

  2. This Craddock guy is doing great damage to those Zeek members who could be throwing away their opportunity to get some of their money back. On the other hand, he could be representing only the winners who fear claw back.

  3. Craddock is running the scam here. He’s been all talk and no action claiming he is representing all Zeek affiliates who sent him money. In regards to the money I sent him, it’s only representing Craddock himself. There should be a lawsuit filed against Craddock for scamming people out of their money.