Florida Man Booked On Charges He Attacked Ponzi Schemer

Adam Pollock. Source: Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

Adam Pollock. Source: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

A Florida man has been arrested and booked in Seminole County on charges he attacked a woman who ripped him off in a Ponzi scheme.

Booking information for Adam Pollock, 42, says he’s been charged with battery by strangulation, kidnap-false imprisonment, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery. He is charged with attacking Tina Mangiardi, 50, of Orlando.

Mangiardi, reportedly a former model, was charged March 7 in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida with running a $2.5 million Ponzi swindle through TLM Design and Construction Inc. She pleaded guilty to one count of conducting a prohibited monetary transaction.

Pollock was charged on March 11, four days after Mangiardi’s guilty plea. The attack allegedly occurred at a gym operated by Pollock.

Mangiardi potentially faces 10 years in federal prison when sentenced. Pollock’s potential jail time was not immediately clear. He is being held without bond.

WFTV has a video report:

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8 Responses to “Florida Man Booked On Charges He Attacked Ponzi Schemer”

  1. Sounds like something more was going on there. Why would she choose him to “Pay Back” I think they were intimate.

  2. If they set bail let’s take up a collection!

    I know, we can’t condone violence or vigilantes, but admit it, a lot of you want to at least buy the guy a drink.

  3. He looks rather happy with himself.. As he should…

  4. Go figure! Perhaps our Law enforcement should spend more time going after the real scumbags (promoters) and less time arresting some one that did what most of us would love to do.

    Its unfortunate but he will probably get more time than she will.

  5. I want to see a jury who would convict him.

    If no priors, probably a plea agreement down to a misdemeanor aggravated assault. Stil it would be great if he went to trial on these charges and they acquitted him based on the circumstances.

  6. I think this is one for the That’s what happens file.

    As sad as it may be, I see it as being fairly predictable that a growing number of people are not going to simply sit still and allow the growing number of ponzi operators to escape unscathed.

  7. His lawyer should plead temporary insanity… “where’s my money!?” got to his head. THEN the jury will likely leave him alone. :)

  8. If any one was scammed by her contact secret Service Jeff Starnes

    Im glad he is out and he can tell them what really Happen