BULLETIN: Docket In Federal Court Shows That SEC Has Scheduled Deposition For At Least 1 Profitable Sunrise Pitchman

breakingnews72BULLETIN: (UPDATED 1:56 P.M. EDT (APRIL 8, U.S.A.) In a move that may rattle promoters of HYIP fraud schemes, the SEC has scheduled a deposition for at least one individual known to have pitched the Profitable Sunrise “program.”

Pitchman Anthony M. Infante will be deposed April 11 at a location in Florida, according to the docket of the case.

Martin Sipe will be deposed April 9  [moved to April 19] at a location in Utah, according to the docket. Sipe’s tie to the ProfitableSunrise case was not immediately clear.

Whether the SEC plans other depositions has not been disclosed in early filings.

The filings disclosing the depositions of Infante and Sipe are expected to appear later today on the ASD Updates Blog.

In filings in federal court in Atlanta this week, the SEC described Profitable Sunrise as an international pyramid scheme that had used a “mail drop” in England while conducting an “offering fraud” targeted at U.S. citizens.

“Profitable Sunrise operates for the benefit of unknown individuals and/or organizations doing businesses through companies formed in the Czech Republic and using bank accounts in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, and China, among other places,” the SEC alleged.

See April 5 PP Blog story.

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13 Responses to “BULLETIN: Docket In Federal Court Shows That SEC Has Scheduled Deposition For At Least 1 Profitable Sunrise Pitchman”

  1. Wizzard7:
    Patrick,documents are posted here

    Thanks for posting the link.


  2. Quick note: Facebook boat-shark says this:

    “Did you Invest in Profitable sunrise? Now you can Win a Ferrari.”

    It was something called PureLeverage with a dotcom.

    I clicked the link and it immediately triggered a security alert on my browser.


  3. At this moment Pastor Nanci Jo Frazer and Reverend Jon Simmons should be praying to the Lord for forgiveness. More than 70,000 people in their Pro Sun downline with more than 33 million invested between them, that’s a lot to be forgiven for. They’ve ~almost~ displaced Fred Phelps as my least favorite clergy member.

  4. Nanci Jo Frazer is not an ordained pastor. She took some correspondence courses from a Biblical college, but as far as we know she did not even get a certificate. She just calls herself a pastor to fleece more people into her fake nonprofit.

  5. The title “pastor” as well as ‘reverend” is, in Ohio at least, not credentialed at all, you wanna be called “pastor” just have people start calling you Pastor. I think Nanci Jo has a degree from a bible college somewhere in a non-theology subject, but I’ve never dug into it enough to know if it’s a real accredited college or some diploma mill that advertises in the back of magazines. I tend to think it is in fact a real college, just because its been my experience that the ones who went to a diploma mill usually go for the PhD and want to be called “Dr Joyce Meyer” (one of Nanci Jo’s inspirations, BTW)

  6. If you don’t have the facts keep your mouth shut I can say anything about you and your Pairs wimp will you print that and you and your wimp need to start telling the truth about PROFITABLE SUNRISE you don’t know what you are talking about and anyone that is in PROFITABLE SUNRISE can see the lies that you and your wimp are telling.

  7. What truth about Profitable Sunrise are you speaking of? The fact that “Roman” took a runner BEFORE the SEC stepped up to the plate or that the “Easter Gift” was always planned to be an April Fools joke?

    Please don’t hurt me Lee. ;)


  9. Glim Drooper you know as much as your 2 wimp friends find out the truth before you run your mouth. There is something that you are innocent until you are found guilty. THAT IS THE LAW.

  10. Lee, what is this “truth” we feel we need to find before we say that:

    1: ProSun has set. It’s gone and it’s never coming back.
    2: The vast majority of people who invested lost their money.
    3: Several of the large US promoters have already gotten their “Come and talk to us or else” letters from the SEC and other will receive them soon.
    4: James Paris, Lynn Edgington, Patrick Pretty and a host of other “nay sayers” were telling an unpopular truth to a bunch of people who would have saved their own money if only they had listened to us instead of the Nanci Jo Frazers of the world.
    5: And for reasons you seem unable to articulate that fact pisses you off.

    Am I missing something?

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