HYIP Spammer Hits Profitable Sunrise Facebook Site With Drive-By Offers For ‘AdHitProfits,’ A Ponzi-Board ‘Program’ Whose Thread-Opener Bragged, ‘Payza, STP & Liberty Reserve Accepted !!’

ponziglareUPDATED 5:41 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) A spammer hit a Profitable Sunrise Facebook site yesterday with five drive-by offers for “AdHitProfits.” All five of the machine-gunned theft bids claimed the same thing: “make money every half an hour…100% commission let your money grow for you at high speed.”

The AHP “program” also is being pitched on the Ponzi boards, with the thread-starter at MoneyMakerGroup bragging that “Payza, []STP & Liberty Reserve Accepted !!”

LibertyReserve was described last week by federal prosecutors in New York as a criminal enterprise that had laundered more than $6 billion for Ponzi schemers, credit-card fraudsters, identity thieves, investment fraudsters, computer hackers, child pornographers and narcotics traffickers.

The names of Payza predecessor AlertPay and SolidTrustPay, meanwhile, appear in U.S. court files as payment processors for Ponzi schemes. In August 2012, the SEC accused Ponzi-board “program” Zeek Rewards of orchestrating a $600 million Ponzi- and pyramid fraud. Earier in 2012, Zeek Rewards was auctioning sums of U.S. cash and telling successful bidders they could receive their winnings through AlertPay and SolidTrustPay.

Forums such as MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold are referenced in U.S. court filings as places from which HYIP frauds/Ponzi schemes are promoted. AHP also has a presence on both forums. It also has a presence on DreamTeamMoney, yet another Ponzi forum.

Like other recent Ponzi-board “programs,” AHP is triggering a security warning from McAfee Site Advisor. The warning declares the AHP site a “Dangerous Site.”

“Whoa!” the warning begins. “Are you sure you want to go there?”

In March, the SEC described Profitable Sunrise as a murky pyramid scheme that may have gathered tens of millions of dollars through offshore bank accounts. Court filings show that money tied to Profitable Sunrise and Liberty Reserve ended up in offshore bank accounts. Whether Profitable Sunrise had a Liberty Reserve account is unclear.

Although HYIP schemes always are dangerous, they may be particularly dangerous now as operators scramble for new, Ponzi-sustaining cash after a series of seizures related to the Liberty Reserve investigation. The amount of HYIP-related cash seized in the Liberty Reserve probe is unknown. A well-known scam that has operated under at least three names — JSS Tripler, JustBeenPaid and ProfitClicking — claimed it accepted Liberty Reserve and now appears to have wiped out investors’ purported holdings and perhaps zeroed out the purported earnings of many of them.

In an April 6 thread-starting post for AHP at MoneyMakerGroup, the claim is made that “You Purchase 1 Or More Revenue Share Ad Spot(s) For $45 !!” and that “You Earn $56.25.” The pitch also claims that a return of 125 percent is “More Stable For Long Term !!”

Separately, the thread-starter’s forum signature tries to lure visitors to a “program” known as “AddWallet,” with a claim that it is “Better Than Zeek (( A Complete Passive Income With Best Advertising Revenue Income Ever )).”

AHP shills have paraded to TalkGold to make “I Got Paid” posts for the purported “opportunity.” Shills did the same thing for Zeek and the other “programs.”

An emerging Ponzi-forum darling like Zeek and Profitable Sunrise before it, AHP appears to have debuted in April, just weeks after the website of Profitable Sunrise went missing.

A series of reload scams are been targeted at Profitable Sunrise victims via a Facebook site. Many of the “programs” claimed to accept LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, Payza or SolidTrustPay.

PerfectMoney, which purportedly operates from Panama, now claims it is banning new registrations from U.S. prospects.

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4 Responses to “HYIP Spammer Hits Profitable Sunrise Facebook Site With Drive-By Offers For ‘AdHitProfits,’ A Ponzi-Board ‘Program’ Whose Thread-Opener Bragged, ‘Payza, STP & Liberty Reserve Accepted !!’”

  1. On May 25, the PP Blog published its first post on the Liberty Reserve probe. Here’s a snippet from that post (caps added for emphasis):

    “We lost Huge $$$,” a poster on the MoneyMakerGroup Ponzi forum complained. The poster’s forum signature was advertising ADHITPROFITS with a pitch of “125% – Superfast Earning.” It also was promoting GoldAllianceFunds, with a pitch of “4.5% for 45 Business Days.”



  2. Quick note: “Alan Chapman,” late of Zeek, late of JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid, late of ProfitClicking, is promoting AdHitProfits. And he’s doing it in roughly the same fashion he promoted Zeek: using the purported payout rate as a lure.

    From a recent email pitch by “Alan”:

    “AHP Earnings May 31st = 9.0%!”

    Compare that to his Zeek presentation as reported here:


    “Alan” later lamented that ProfitClicking might be DOA:


    So, we have a major Ponzi-scheme case by the SEC against Zeek in which the agency alleged that Paul Burks was fudging the numbers to dupe investors into believing they were receiving a legitimate return of about 1.5 percent a day.

    And we have the CONSOB actions against JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid and the Philippines’ SEC warning against JSS/JBP/ProfitClicking.

    “Alan,” though, appears not to take any clues from those events. Instead, he tells prospects that AHP is paying 9 percent a day.

    Of course, he’s also encouraging AHP members to enter into a conspiracy to sustain the deception.

    “Smart AHP CashFlow is Withdraw 20% + Repurchase 80% = Forever Income!” he says.

    Of course, the 80/20 scams is one of the oldest tricks in the Ponzi book. Recruits are encouraged to leave money in the system or remain in a constant state of rollover, a situation that helps generate the cashflow to pay the professional pimps their recruitment commissions. The pimps line their pockets before the “program” collapses — and then they sprint to the next scam and do the same thing all over again.


  3. There ain’t no smart criminals. They just *think* they’re smart.

    Unfortunately, there are people who are even dumber than those “smart” criminals… those who follow the “smart” criminals around like sheep following judas goats.

    Chapman went as far as creating his own “ZeekRewardsPays” blog and encouraged other Zeekheads to post their ads in the comments, in order to satisfy the Zeek daily requirement. When this was noticed on BehindMLM and my Hub, it disappeared.

    This guy is just a remora hanging on a shark (of scams) chomping at the leftovers.

  4. This AHP ponzi continues to grow and suck in more unsuspecting victims.

    I say victims because of the way this scam is postured… as a way to make money legitimately run by a good admin/father/scholar.

    Check out the introduction in the ad for AHP that I received today gushing about how wonderful the admin/owner is (despite the fact he’s mathematically challnged):

    “AdHitProfits started April 8, 2013 and is a legally registered business within the state of Utah within the United States.

    Owned by Charles Scoville, a single father who works from home so he can be of better support for his son in case of sickness or other problems requiring his attention during the regular work day.

    Charles started internet marketing in 2008, and had to learn from the school of hard knocks what works and what doesn’t.

    Charles went to LDS Business school and majored in Business Entrepreneurship, where he learned vital skills that have been placed directly into his business.

    In 2010, Charles began working online full-time, and has not had to return to a job outside of the home since.

    His desire: Help others achieve work from home status. For the others who already do work from home, he wants to help provide better tools, resources, and advertising services to ADD TO the success they already enjoy.”

    I know that many of the PPP (Perpetual Ponzi Players) are evil to the core. But, it’s the average citizen who gets sucked in through ads and overtures like that is the sad repercussion.

    I’m guessing this AHP might be the next big one to fall/be shutdown.