‘Felmina Alliance,’ Another Ponzi-Board ‘Program’ Pushed By ‘Ken Russo,’ Appears To Be DOA

kenrussozeekgni2Felmina Alliance, another in a long line of HYIP “programs” pushed on the Ponzi boards by serial huckster “Ken Russo,” appears to be DOA. “Ken Russo” also is known as “DRdave.” His record in promoting scams, pooh-poohing or ignoring regulatory actions and engaging in willful blindness may be unparalleled.

Regulators in the United States and Canada issued an Investor Alert against Felmina Alliance earlier this year.

The server for Felmina Alliance now has been throwing an error message for days. Other recent “Russo” disasters include NewGNI, an apparent knockoff scam of an earlier scam known simply as GNI (Gold Nugget Invest), Zeek Rewards and Profitable Sunrise. On the TalkGold Ponzi forum as “DRdave,” “Ken Russo” was promoting Zeek and NewGNI simultaneously.

NewGNI appears to have collapsed in February.

Previous “Ken Russo” scams include AdSurfDaily, a $119 million Ponzi scheme; Club Asteria, a venture that traded on the name of the World Bank and listed a serial-cash gifter and former ASD Ponzi promoter as one of its managers; and MPB Today, a “program” that claimed a one-time purchase of $200 in groceries could lead to free food and gasoline for life.

MPB Today operator Gary Calhoun is awaiting sentencing in Florida on a racketeering charge. ASD operator Andy Bowdoin is serving a federal prison sentence for wire fraud after being sued for racketeering by some of his own members. Club Asteria, which falsely planted the seeds it was endorsed by actor Will Smith and the American Red Cross, suspended interest payments long ago. Club Asteria also traded on the name of slain human-rights champion Mahatma Gandhi.

Club Asteria misspelled Gandhi’s name in promos.

“Ken Russo” dubbed Zeek an “AMAZING PROGRAM” in May 2012. Three months later the SEC dubbed it a $600 million Ponzi- and pyramid fraud. The original GNI collapsed in 2010 into a sea of incongruity, amid reports the operators were seeking a “crystal clear vision of our financial vortex.”

In April 2013, the SEC said ProfitableSunrise was conducting an international fraud scheme and may have gathered tens of millions of dollars through a mail drop and a series of offshore accounts.

Records strongly suggest that Felmina Alliance was using an address of 50 Street, Global Plaza Tower, 19th Floor, Suite H, Panama City, Panama. That address also shows up in court filings by the SEC in the Profitable Sunrise action.

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  1. Not only was Ken pimping them big-time, he was also vouching for the integrity, truthfulness, honesty, and caring of the admins in each of these Ponzi’s. He was also a major pimp in HourlyRevShare which has been having payment issues for several months now, but as usual with Ken, has now disappeared from the scene meaning this is toast soon. He’s moved on to DUD (Double-up Dollars) being also pimped by Dr. Goddie Ude.

    And let’s not forget that I cause more damage to people’s lives by warning them they are in a Ponzi than the Ponzi’s he pimps. I know because he told me so.

    I would love to find out how much he had to give back to the receiver in Zeek. You can bet he did it fast trying to keep attention from himself being a serial Ponzi pimp.

    Who knows, one day he just might get what’s coming to him. Now that is something to hope for.

  2. I keep on sending information to IC3 on these ponzi pimps. I believe that sooner or later the authorities will take action against them.

  3. baylee:
    I keep on sending information to IC3 on these ponzi pimps. I believe that sooner or later the authorities will take action against them.

    I have also reported FELMINA ALLIANCE scam to IC3 and you have to do it to the BERLIN POLIZEI as behind Felmina the company scamming is SLADBO BAUSERVICE Gmbh, who received MANY bank wires and they are from Serbia and Latvia

  4. […] Russo” also pushed Felmina Alliance, which became the subject of an Investor Alert in Canada; AdSurfDaily, a $119 million Ponzi scheme […]

  5. Is there any criminal actions being taken against Felmina? How can I recover my investment that they stole form me an others? Someone must be going after them!

  6. Philip: s there any criminal actions being taken against Felmina?

    None of which I’m aware

    Philip: How can I recover my investment that they stole form me an others?

    You perhaps could contact an attorney. Felmina Alliance, however, appears to have been operating offshore and likely was a slash-and-burn HYIP. Probablity of recovery may be very low or even zero.

    Philip: Someone must be going after them!

    Going after them is one thing. Getting them is quite another. My guess is that you’ve been played by professional criminals/racketeers.

    Sorry I can’t paint a brighter picture.


  7. Hello Philip,

    there are several Complaints submitted to the BERLIN POLIZEI as well as to the SEC in the USA. Please submit yours so we can have more force in prosecuting the Felmina Alliance criminals as well as trying to recover the scammed funds.

    Here is the website of the BERLIN POLIZEI with the online Form to submit your Complaint against SLADBO BAUSERVICE Gmbh:

    The website of the SEC is well-known:


    Is there any criminal actions being taken against Felmina? How can I recover my investment that they stole form me an others? Someone must be going after them!

  8. Hi Philip again,

    BERLIN POLIZEI is the Police Force of Berlin (Germany) and that online Complaint Form “Strafanzeige” can be filled out in English with no problem. It´s a Police Report Form.

    Why the authorities in Berlin? because all IP addresses of the FELMINA ALLIANCE server as well as the email messages and updates belong to the Berlin outskirts:


    Besides, the company SLADBO BAUSERVICE Gmbh has been one of the arms behind the FELMINA ALLIANCE scam and they are domiciled and registered in Berlin and has 4 persons in its Board, all of them residents of BERLIN: JEWGENI IVANIUCHIN, SLADJANA BOGINOVIC, VLADIMIRS TREGUBOVS, and IOSIF COVACI.

    The name SLADBO comes from SLADjana BOjinovic and the original registration address was the home address of Miss Sladjana Bojinovic: Prinz-Georg-Strasse 7, 10827, BERLIN

    The registration number of SLADBO BAUSERVICE Gmbh is: HRB87629 and they have also registered a new address in Pappelallee 78-79, 10437, BERLIN

    You can verify that info here:

    I submitted my FELMINA ALLIANCE investments to SLADBO BAUSERVICE Gmbh to their bank account in the BERLINER SPARKASSE Bank Address: Alexanderplatz 2, 10178 BERLIN Germany SWIFT code: BELADEBEXXX Beneficiary Account Number (IBAN): DE87 1005 0000 0190 1292 55 Beneficiary Name: SladBo Bauservice LTD. Beneficiary Address: Pappelallee 78-79, 10437 BERLIN, GERMANY.

    Mr. JEWGENI IVANIUCHIN used his home BERLIN address as a business address for SLADBO BAUSERVICE Gmbh: Mollstrasse 19, 7 Etage, 10249, BERLIN

    D-U-N-S number of SLDABO BAUSERVICE Gmbh is 342636267 and it was created in June 6, 2012. There was a phone number in BERLIN: (030) 68816965

  9. Another “company” that FELMINA ALLIANCE used for perpetrating its mega-scam is DURNESS FINANCE Inc., registered in the BVI according to this info provided by the regulatory body of the BVI:

    A search of the BVI company register maintained by the BVI Registrar of Corporate Affairs revealed that Durness Finance Inc. was incorporated in BVI on 14th December, 2007 under BVI company no. 1450697. The company does not have any physical presence in the British Virgin Islands. It has a registered office address c/o Icaza Gonzalez-Ruiz & Aleman (BVI) Trust Limited, 2nd Floor, Vanterpool Plaza, PO Box 873, Road Town, Tortola, VG1110, BVI.

    A search was also made of our records which revealed that Durness Finance Inc. has never been issued with a licence by the BVI Financial Services Commission to conduct financial services business. Therefore, the company has never been subject to the Commission’s regulatory oversight.

    More info about the FELMINA ALLIANCE scam used to be available in the website of internetcybercrime, but now seems to have been offline:


  10. Test. Please ignore.


  11. Scammed investors by FELMINA ALLIANCE Inc should submit their Complaints to the SEC as there is an increasing number of Complaints lodged. It is going to be a STRONG CASE if many investors complaint to the SEC.

    When explaining FALMINA ALLIANCE to the authorities, this review may be very useful:


    Besides, there are still many videos in YouTube and MSN

  12. I have lodged a Complaint against FELMINA ALLIANCE through the SEC´s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy and it is under investigation. The categories for complaining against the FELMINA ALLIANCE scam are:

    Ponzi scheme
    Investment scam
    Pyramidal structure

    These videos refer to the shut down of the FELMINA website:


  13. Me too!! I have also been scammed by FELMINA ALLIANCE Inc. and NEVER recovered a dime!! Therefore I also submited a Complaint to the SEC and am waiting for the news in order to see if we can have scammers PHIL BURREL and MARC FRISCIA jailed!

    My Complaint was assigned number 00368412 and I submited it during November 2013. I lost 1500 Euro

    I encourage all European investors of FELMINA ALLIANCE Inc. to submit Complaints to the SEC and Police Reports

  14. I also have a complaint against the FELMINA ALLIANCE mega-scam that is ongoing in the SEC. It is under investigation and it seems is advancing very well. There are so many evidences online that so a government agency that wants to investigate and punish those scammers can do quite a lot and make it a Strong case.

    I also submitted a Police Report to the Berlin Polizei and it is under investigation in the StaatsAmwaltschaft (State Attorney of Berlin) as SLADBO BAUSERVICE Gmbh was a German company associated to FELMINA ALLIANCE.

  15. what are the news on the Felmina Alliance scam?