ASD Updates Blog Experiencing Outage; [UPDATE: Now Back Online]

UPDATED 8:28 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) The ASD Updates Blog is back online. Our earlier story is below . . .

The ASD Updates Blog is experiencing an outage that is preventing the Blog from publishing and sending/responding to email, its publisher said today.

The outage has been described as a “net related problem.” ASD Updates said it hoped to be back online later today. No clear timeline for the return of the Blog has been determined. The site has been generating database errors today, and the host is examining the issue.

ASD Updates publishes commentary and court documents on alleged fraud schemes. The site also publishes links to other sites that carry information on fraud schemes and court actions. The main file site for ASD Updates remains online.

Among other things, it features court filings from the AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme case, filings from the alleged Zeek Rewards scam, filings from the alleged Profitable Sunrise scam and filings from lawsuits and countersuits involving EAdGear/GoFunPlaces and JubiMax/JubiRev, MLM schemes that are accusing each other of fraud.

ASDUpdates long has provided editorial support to antifraud forums. Here’s hoping ASDUpdates returns soon.

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3 Responses to “ASD Updates Blog Experiencing Outage; [UPDATE: Now Back Online]”

  1. ASDUpdates appears to be back.


  2. admin:
    ASDUpdates appears to be back.


    Good!! Glad it was not down for too long!


  3. Can’t keep a good thing down for long!!!