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BULLETIN: SEC Backs Legisi Receiver’s Bid To Pursue E-Bullion Cash

BULLETIN: SEC Backs Legisi Receiver's Bid To Pursue E-Bullion Cash

BULLETIN: The SEC has asked a federal judge to permit the receiver in the Legisi HYIP Ponzi-scheme caseĀ  to pursue funds tied up after the arrest of James Fayed, the operator of the e-Bullion payment processor. Fayed was convicted in 2011 of ordering the murder of his wife, a potential witness against him. Pamela Fayed […]

LASD: Purported ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Charged With Forging Macy’s Gift Cards In Alleged $218,000 Scheme

LASD: Purported 'Sovereign Citizen' Charged With Forging Macy's Gift Cards In Alleged $218,000 Scheme

Macy’s, the American department-store chain famous in real life and in fiction, was the victim of a $218,000 theft at the hands of purported “sovereign citizen” Richard Reyes Duenas and four others, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said. Duenas, 30, recently was arrested in Las Vegas and taken back to Los Angeles to face […]