2 Purported Tennessee ‘Sovereign Citizens’ Arrested In Alleged Memphis Parking Scam

UPDATED 8:25 A.M. EDT (JULY 16, U.S.A.) Just days after the FBI warned police across Tennessee to be aware of “sovereign citizens” carrying fake law-enforcement credentials and engaging in other scams, two purported “sovereigns” have been arrested in an alleged parking scam.

Yes, a parking scam — one that involves motorists being duped into paying parking fees to purported “Moorish American nationals” instead of the rightful owners of downtown Memphis parking lots, a local television station is reporting.

WMC-TV says that Eddie Medlock and Noble Atum Re El-Bey were arrested on charges of ripping off parkers.

One parking-lot owner “spends seven days a week chasing off scammers pretending to work at the lots, collecting money from unsuspecting drivers trying to park,” the station reported.

The alleged parking scam follows on the heels of other recent scams involving purported Moorish Americans, some of whom have been involved in alleged real-estate swindles and the filing of false liens against public officials.

Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

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