Only 2 Weeks Left To File Zeek Claim; Deadline Is Sept. 5, 2013

recommendedreading1As of today, there are only two weeks left to file a claim in the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme case. The deadline to file is 11:59 p.m. (prevailing Eastern time) on Sept. 5, 2013.

Kenneth D. Bell is the court-appointed receiver in the Zeek case. The Zeek receivership website is here. The claims portal is accessible through the receiver’s website and also has a separate URL. The claims portal opened May 15, more than three months ago.

Bell said this in an Aug. 2 letter from the receiver (italics added):

To date, while more than 100,000 claims have been submitted or are in the process of being submitted through the Claims Process, hundreds of thousands of affiliates of ZeekRewards and other entities that hold potential claims against ZeekRewards have not filed claims.

Perhaps you are one of these affiliates who has not submitted a claim because you believe that fully completing and submitting a claim will take too much time, the Claims Process is too complex, the amount of your claim is too small, or that your potential recovery will not be in a large enough amount to make the effort of pursuing your claim worthwhile.

Regardless of these concerns, I would encourage you to submit your claim prior to the close of the Claims Process if you believe ZeekRewards owes you money for amounts that you invested in ZeekRewards. I anticipate that a substantial percentage of valid claims will be refunded. Moreover, I have made every effort to make the Claims Process as simple and user friendly as possible for all claimants and have only sought the information necessary to enable us to establish the amount each claimant is owed by ZeekRewards. Please also remember that even if you do not have all of the information requested, you may still complete and fully submit your claim. Any deficiencies with a particular claim will be addressed in the claim determination process.


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