GLOBAL POST: Canadian Cops, Lawyers, Judges Named In Multimillion-Dollar ‘Liens’ Or ‘Ecclesiastical Notices’

recommendedreading1On Sept. 28, 2012, the PP Blog reported on bizarre court filings linked to “sovereign citizens,” “Freemen-on-the-Land” and others in Canada.  The story may provide some additional context for a story published yesterday by the Global Post with a Vancouver dateline.

From the Global Post: “Police officers, Crown lawyers and judges have been sued or been named in multimillion-dollar ‘liens’ or ‘ecclesiastical notices’ or other legal manoeuvres.”

Notaries public reportedly have encountered menacing behavior from “sovereigns” or “freemen.” Police have experienced the same during traffic stops.

And there is concern about encounters involving firearms, according to a bulletin quoted by the Global Post.


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