REPORTS: Alleged Criminality At WCM777; Government Of Peru Shuts Down Office

wcm777UPDATED 11:39 P.M. ET U.S.A. There are reports today in Peruvian media that the government of Peru has shut down an office of the purported WCM777 “opportunity” and that criminality occurred. It is unclear from early reports whether arrests were made.

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The regulatory authority in Peru is the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance.

WCM777, which is encountering regulatory scrutiny in multiple nations, recently changed its name to Kingdom777, according to

Peru issued an Alert on WCM777 in December, saying the firm was collecting money unlawfully in the country.

As the PP Blog reported in November 2013, some promos for WCM777 claimed investors willing to plunk down $14,000 received a dividend of 35 times their initial investment over the course of a year.

Massachusetts halted WCM777 in November, saying the program was being targeted at Brazilian Americans and was selling unregistered securities.

On Nov. 21, the PP Blog reported that WCM777 may have ties to The Way TV and Media for Christ, which have been linked to a film production known as “Innocence of Muslims.” The trailer of the film reportedly sparked violence across the Middle East in 2012.

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  1. Wow. They dont waste time in Peru. They have invited all people affected by WCM777 to report it to the police and/or the Ministry, giving telephone number and email.

    “Los afectados también pueden presentar sus denuncias a la SBS, llamando a los teléfonos 0-800-10840 (Línea gratuita a nivel nacional) o 01-200-1930; o vía el correo electrónico !”



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