UPDATE: Dallas Group May Be Trying To Port WCM777 Members To Lucrazon

recommendedreading1The PP Blog has received information that suggests a WCM777 group in Greater Dallas may be trying to port members to Lucrazon, a purported revenue-sharing “program.”

WCM777 now is known as Kingdom777.

“Same team leaders want to encourage us to invest $8000.00 and we can get 15 units and they said that it will be similar to kingdom777,” a source told the Blog. “In other words they see us as uneducated people who have excavated money from underground or group of dumb people who will trust them again. Believe me that amount of people who invested are already falling for it.”

It is common for “revenue-sharing” promoters in the MLM sphere to try to switch downline members from one scheme to another. Zeek Rewards and AdSurfDaily — both massive Ponzi schemes — are examples of MLM “programs” pitched as revenue-sharing “opportunities.”

Read Lucrazon review at BehindMLM.com.

From BehindMLM (italics added):

The issue with Lucrazon’s MLM business model is the basic mechanic of new affiliate money flowing in at $1000 a pop and being paid out to those who have already paid $1000 a pop for “positions”.

WCM777 is targeting people of faith. Promoters appear to be targeting Brazilians, Brazilian-Americans, members of the U.S. Latino community and Latinos at large, Asian-Americans and Asians in general.

Separately, the PP Blog received information today that suggests WCM777 also has a presence in Canada. A person who emailed the PP Blog said a loved one had plowed $8,000 into the WCM777 scheme.

The “payout stopped, she was never able to withdraw,” the sender said.

The sender was contemplating reporting WCM777 to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, according to the email.

In November, securities regulators in Massachusetts accused the “program” of selling unregistered securities. The WCM777 scheme also is under investigation in Peru and Colombia.

Meanwhile, a source told the PP Blog today that something called KingdomTrade.org is being discussed in WCM777/Kingdom777 circles.

“They claim they will also be trading Oil, [G]ems, Gold and Art as well as Stock/Options in Kingdom777,” the source said.


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  1. […] Patrick Pretty’s news appears in The Paper with permission from patrickpretty.com.  For the latest news and commentary on this topic visit his site here. […]

  2. You apparently want to regurgitate whatever false information you can find. The information on BehindLM has been shown as false. You should research a company before you make claims. Lucrazon is an authorized Visa comoany. Search Visa.com to see who they are. Do you think Visa would allow ponzi scheme or other illegal business model? Don’t be a sheep… Be a business person and do some research.

  3. so what’s your excuse as you are far from a business person? lol

  4. I would be interested in knowing if any of the Dallas group has heard the name of Dallas resident “Stephen Pierce”. He is well known for past fast money schemes.

  5. Oh, and YES, all credit card companies including VISA will and routinely do accept marginal and suspicious business activity. They do, however, respond to consumer complaints and take note if there are too many.So if you lost money and paid with a credit card of any kind, notify them with a copy of the payment receipt and all the other information you have! American Express protects their customers well.

  6. RE: Stephen Pierce – Dallas. I guess this is the person being referred to:

  7. Truth:
    The information on BehindLM has been shown as false.

    If you mean the lame rebuttal by Lucrazon’s community manager… it simply raised even more questions.