FOR SPANISH-SPEAKERS: Telemundo 39 (Dallas) Report On WCM777

From a WCM777 pitchfest. Source: Telemundo (Dallas.)

From a WCM777 pitchfest. Source: Telemundo (Dallas).

Here is a link to a Telemundo 39 (Dallas) report on the WCM777 “program.”


The unofficial total of jurisdictions or regulatory agencies filing actions or issuing Investor Alerts against WCM777 stands at seven: The country of Peru, the state of Massachusetts, the state of California, the state of Colorado, the state of Louisiana, the state of New Hampshire, the province of New Brunswick.

In addition, the Canadian Securities Administrators — an umbrella organization of 13 provinces/territories of Canada that is responsible for developing a harmonized approach to securities regulation across the country — has published the New Brunswick warning. The Better Business Bureau, meanwhile, has given WCM777 an “F,” its lowest score.

Despite the regulatory actions, WCM pitchfests are continuing online.

NOTE: Our thanks to a reader who let us know about the Telemundo report.

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12 Responses to “FOR SPANISH-SPEAKERS: Telemundo 39 (Dallas) Report On WCM777”

  1. High school Spanish was a while ago, but I got the just of it.. “Where is my money” seems to be repeated a lot.

  2. Actually, it is “Where is the money?”

  3. Kingdom777/WCM777 swipes another page from Telexfree playbook

    The story tells how Kingdom777 (or whatever they are calling themselves this week) has ripped off images from another project in order to promote the ponzi scheme. Telexfree used the same trick, along with many, many, other ponzi schemes in the past.

  4. Tony H: Kingdom777/WCM777 swipes another page from Telexfree playbook

    Thanks for this, Tony.


  5. …and people fall for this *** …



  6. shipdit:
    …and people fall for this *** …


    Why not? If there is a statue of Jesus or God is mentioned it should be ok shouldn’t it?

  7. From The Paper, dated today:



    As of early this morning the websites for Kingdom777 are down. This includes, and

    Social media is stating the outage will be for 48 hours and they are making upgrades and changes to the site.



  8. Looks as though we’re getting hit with a botflood . . .


  9. Name changing again? A popular team leader is now advising the name is changing from Kingdom777 to Global Unity. Nothing I have been able to find out about this switch as of yet, other than to facilitate the change to the new company, all members who were in “locked” jurisdictions who could not access their accounts will be unlocked so they can transfer their points into the new system.

    I’m not sure if they are aligning with Global Unity Ministries or if they are starting up another shell corporation. Whatever the case, I’m sure they are not making the regulating bodies very happy with the maneuvers.

  10. Ming Xu is known for his sound-alikes. Vantone is a soundalike for Mass Mutual’s Chinese name. He also had a hand in “Harvard Global Institute” (no relations to Harvard University)

    There is a WCMInvestment in SoCal, no relation to Ming Xu of course. The “real” one is founded 1976.

  11. Great find K. Chang –

    It will be interesting to see how this shift of domain names goes down (along with the accounts of USA based affiliates being unfrozen at this point in time.)

    Too bad the California DBO does not have the authority to pull Phil’s passport. I’m thinking he’s about ready to jump ship. Affiliates are getting set up for the “we were hacked!!” story. I figure that will be out in the next 2 weeks.

  12. Another update from The Paper..

    WCM777 + Kingdom777 = Global Unity