In Alberta, 1 in 3 Report Being Approached With A Possible Fraudulent Investment, Securities Commission Says

recommendedreading1Carefully checking and protecting before investing is part of the theme behind Fraud Prevention Month in Alberta, the Alberta Securities Commission said today.

As part of its initiative, ASC rolled out a noontime “free lunch” in Calgary. The agency said it used the Mighty Skillet food truck at City Hall “to offer Calgarians a free sandwich and encourage them to make use of the ASC’s online resources.

 The idea, ASC says, was to drive home the point that “No lunch is free – including today’s.”

As another key part of the initiative, Alberta created, a site that includes a “quiz to educate Albertans about the risk for investment fraud,” ASC said.

“One in three Albertans report being approached with a possible fraudulent investment,” ASC said.

Read ASC’s statement on the fraud-prevention initiative. Visit the ASC website.

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