Zeek Ponzi-Scheme Figure T. LeMont Silver Now Spokesman For Florida ‘Expat’ Lifestyle In Dominican Republic

Florida "Expat" T. Zeek Rewards Ponzi-scheme figure and Florida "Expat" T. LeMont Silver yuks it up in the Dominican Republic.

Florida “Expat” and  Zeek Rewards Ponzi-scheme figure T. LeMont Silver yuks it up in the Dominican Republic. Source: YouTube.

(UPDATED 9:33 A.M. EDT, APRIL 27 U.S.A.) T. LeMont Silver, a pitchman for the $850 million Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme and the OneX pyramid scheme, is now a spokesman for the “Florida Expat” lifestyle in the Dominican Republic, which recently has been rocked by what the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission describes as the collapse of the TelexFree pyramid scheme.

The Massachusetts Securities Division has described TelexFree as a “financial pariah” that gathered more than $1.2 billion.

Whether Silver ever had a position in TelexFree is unclear, and he is not referenced in any TelexFree-related court files. What is clear is that the court-appointed receiver in the Zeek case sued Silver in March 2014, alleging that Silver was a  Zeek “net winner” of more than $1.71 million.

Karen Silver, Silver’s wife, also is an alleged Zeek winner. In her case, the receiver says she received “more than $600,000.”

Kenneth D. Bell, the Zeek receiver, wants the money returned, saying it came from Zeek victims.

Like her husband, Karen Silver has emerged as a fan of the “Florida Expat” lifestyle in the Dominican Republic.

A video dated Jan. 16, 2014, and posted on YouTube features the Silvers being interviewed on the subject of their decision to move to the Dominican Republic. The logo of an enterprise known as DRESCAPES rolls on the screen.

The website of DRESCAPES says its clients will “Survive the Collapse of Fiat Currencies, Including the Dollar & Euro.”

“In our opinion, it’s time to take proactive steps to protect your assets and provide a safe fallback position for your family,” the site ventures.

Prior to relocating to the Dominican Republic, Silver told his downline in a failed MLM “program” known as GoFunPlaces to take advantage of “low-hanging fruit” (other disaffected GoFunPlaces members) and become recruiters for a “program” known as Jubimax. The “programs” ultimately accused each other of fraud.

In the “Expat” video, Silver says he pays his housekeeper in the Dominican Republic $175 a month and that she does an “excellent” job. How many hours she worked to earn her wages was unclear.

Many MLM “programs” sell dreams of riches to low-wage workers. Tens of thousands of Dominicans are believed to be members of TelexFree, which filed for bankruptcy in Nevada April 13.

In March, prior to the April bankruptcy filing, a TelexFree pitchman explained at a convention in Boston that he’d recently been a passenger with other TelexFree pitchmen on a “private jet” that had flown from the Dominican Republic to Haiti. The jet purportedly  was met at the airport by “the Prime Minister of Haiti’s motorcade,” which triggered “high-fiving.”

“I felt like a rockstar,” the man said.

Disaffected TelexFree members are now “low-hanging fruit” for other MLM “programs.” Many pitches have been targeted at them.

The SEC said last week that TelexFree mainly targeted Dominican and Brazilian immigrants in the United States.

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  1. Quick note: TelexFree made its way for a second time into the Department of Homeland Security’s Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report. The second reference was on April 21; the first was on April 17.

    The April 17 reference pointed to the action by the Massachusetts Securities Division. The April 21 reference was to the SEC lawsuit. Here’s the April 21 DHS thumbnail:

    “The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it filed charges against the Massachusetts-based operators of TelexFree Inc., and TelexFree LLC for operating a $1.1 billion international pyramid scheme targeting Dominican and Brazilian immigrants.”

    See PP Blog story on the April 17 reference:



  2. And we thought the ASDers had taken things to a new level in idiocy defending a Ponzi.

  3. Since T. LeMont is such, a nice, jovial kinda guy, I thought he’d see the humor in the fact I contacted the Zeek receivership to let them know (courtesy of one of those videos) that the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic should have an address or location for T. LeMont.

    Think about it T. LeMont: You stand out in a crowd. If the receiver can figure out any kind of way to have you found to be in contempt of court, that means a warrant would be issued for your arrest. Try to set foot back in the U.S. then, and see what happens.

    Enjoy life in a 3rd World country when your money dries up…


  4. Collapse of Fiat currency… One of those “Rich Dad” sky-is-falling crap prophecies.

    Next time there’s a disaster on DR, expect the local poor to riot and ransack the “expats”. You don’t really think these “ex-pats” will empty their coffers and open their rooms and properties for disaster relief, are you? Hahahahaha.

  5. Think about this T., maybe your wife is still sick or still in pain is due to the fact she probably realizes what a scammer you are and she feels she must stick beside you and has no choice. her insides are probably being torn apart because she knows and has seen the type of person she and her family are now stuck with. This is called Karma and you will find out at some point in time that Karma, indeed, is one helluva bitch. you will pay one way or another ESPECIALLY if you EVER step foot on U.S. soil again. And you’ve got the gall to be promoting more programs like DS domination and Mynoxin or whatever the hell it’s called!? And talking about Points lasting 75 days in their comp plan? And a side note; how the hell do you know about teachers in the U.S.? Do you or your wife, of ALL people, have experience teaching kids especially inner city kids? Private schools only for your kids thanks to the cash you’ve robbed from unsuspecting and trusting people. You both should not be putting down anyone. How do you both sleep at night? God help you both. You WILL need it.