BULLETIN: Trustee: ‘It Appears That [TelexFree’s] Merrill, Wanzeler, And Craft Have All Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole And Are Now Expecting The [Bankruptcy] Court To Follow’

breakingnews72BULLETIN: In a blistering response to TelexFree’s bid to continue its business and move forward with its Chapter 11 bankruptcy case, the United States’ trustee said the embattled firm has not engaged “in full and fair disclosure.”

“The former CFO and board members have disappeared with no explanation,” U.S. Trustee Tracy Hope Davis alleged. “The only declarations in support of the Debtors’ requests for relief have been signed by individuals that have been on the job for less than 3 weeks. Yet, Debtors are pressing forward with their motions for ’emergency’ relief so they can continue business ‘as usual.’ It appears that [James] Merrill, [Carlos] Wanzeler, and [Joe] Craft have all fallen down the rabbit hole and are now expecting the Court to follow.”

Davis’ argument came in response to assertions by TelexFree interim CEO Stuart A. MacMillan that he had fired Wanzeler and caused the resignations of Merrill and Craft on April 17.

“At the hearing on April 17, 2014, Craft was not present in the Courtroom,” Davis argued. “Counsel for Debtors informed the Court during the hearing that Craft was no longer an officer, director, or authorized signatory of the Debtor. No explanation was offered to the Court for the sudden change of management and the short duration (3 days) of Craft’s tenure.”

And, Davis continued, MacMillan has provided “no explanation for why he felt it necessary to terminate Debtors’ entire former management team.”

Among the trustee’s witnesses is Julio J. Defigueiredo Jr., a sheriff’s deputy from Bristol County, Mass. In a declaration to the bankruptcy court, Defigueiredo said he was present at an April 15 raid of TelexFree’s Massachusetts office by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Defigueiredo, according to the declaration, observed Craft “entering an office and attempting to grab a laptop and bag.”

Craft, according to the deputy, claimed the items were “personal.”

But nearly $38 million in TelexFree-related cashier’s checks were discovered in the bag, the deputy said.

Davis described the situation as a series of “extraordinary changes of circumstances” and part of a confluence of events that makes it “unfathomable” that TelexFree is “still going forward on their cash management motions . . . as if business were proceeding as usual.”

“Currently,” Davis argued, “Debtors have no operating business. Due to the TRO [in the TelexFree fraud case filed by the SEC on April 15], their accounts have been frozen and remain frozen for the foreseeable future. MacMillan admits their offices in Massachusetts have been shut down since the Federal raid and all remaining employees have been laid off.”

MacMillan contended earlier this week that he did not believe that “Mr. Craft was attempting to divert any of the Debtors’ cash or other resources.”

Davis appears not to be buying that assertion, alleging that “Craft was apprehended attempting to walk out the back door of Debtors’ offices with $38 million in negotiable cashier’s checks.”

She further asserted that William Runge, a turnaround specialist hired to “to safeguard existing cash” by TelexFree three days before its bankruptcy filing, “[a]pparently . . . wasn’t able to perform his new job duties very well” given the circumstances surrounding Craft.

MacMillan contended earlier this week that Craft “was acting at the direction of Mr. Runge and me to secure the cashier’s checks in a safe and reliable location for the benefit of the Debtors’ constituencies.”

Key bankruptcy hearings for TelexFree are scheduled tomorrow.

But emergency motions filed by the firm “have not been amended to reflect any change of circumstances in Debtors’ business operations such as the raid on their offices by Special Agents from Homeland Security, or the freezing of all their banks accounts and sources of revenue, or the fact that Craft, their former accountant, Chief Financial Officer, Board Member and signatory is no longer associated with the Debtors in any capacity,” Davis asserted.

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