Federal Judge To Accused TelexFree Promoter: Sell Your Bimmers And Land Rover

Santiago De La Rosa at a TelexFree pitchfest. Source: YouTube.

Santiago De La Rosa at a TelexFree pitchfest. Source: YouTube.

(UPDATED 8:05 A.M. EDT U.S.A.) Alleged TelexFree promoter and securities fraudster Santiago De La Rosa has been ordered by the federal judge presiding over the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Ponzi- and pyramid case to sell two BMWs and a Land Rover Range Rover “back to the dealership” and to “repatriate all funds located outside the United States.”

De La Rosa resides in Massachusetts.

U.S. District Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton of the District of Massachusetts issued the order.  The automobiles were described as a 2014 BMW X5 XDrive, a 2010 BMW X5 XDrive and a 2013 Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE. Precise details of the models were not available. A quick pricing search suggests De La Rosa was captaining roughly $150,000 worth of  high-end rides.

It was not immediately clear if De La Rosa, 42, was motivated by former TelexFree President James Merrill to acquire upscale cruisers. Merrill, 52, has publicly complained about corporate excess that squeezes the little guy, but has been photographed alongside a giant Hummer used in TelexFree promos.

There may be hundreds of thousands of victims of TelexFree’s excess, according to court filings.

TelexFree also had access to a “private jet,” a pitchman said in Boston two months ago.

News of Gorton’s order first appeared on BehindMLM.com, which also reported on the conditions imposed in an injunction against accused TelexFree promoter Randy N. Crosby of Georgia.

On April 15, the PP Blog reported that the office of Massachusetts Commonwealth Secretary William Galvin had uncovered a check with a memo line that read,  “Cars for Extravaganza . . .” Galvin oversees the Massachusetts Securities Division (MSD).

MSD alleged the check was associated with more than $100,000 in TelexFree-related purchases at a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Orlando, Fla. TelexFree held an event in Orlando in May 2013. The firm filed for bankruptcy protection in Nevada on April 13, 2014.

Gorton was appointed to the federal bench by President George H.W. Bush in 1992.

Accused TelexFree promoter Sann Rodrigues captains a Ferrari.

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10 Responses to “Federal Judge To Accused TelexFree Promoter: Sell Your Bimmers And Land Rover”

  1. Patrick:
    “The firm filed for bankruptcy protection in Nevada on April 13, 2104”

    Time flies when you are having fun….

  2. Jack Arons: “The firm filed for bankruptcy protection in Nevada on April 13, 2104?

    Thanks, Jack. Fixed.


  3. That Ferrari video is disgusting.

  4. Speaking about cars, have you ever seen Carlos Wanzeler’s house in Google Maps? His address is easily available. Use old Google Maps to see 45 degree inclined photos. I compiled everything here:


    It is very easy to spot, parked in front of it… a Hummer H2, exactly the same model as the one Merrill poses with for photos. Even the same color.

    Also a red convertible can be seen in some photos, in different places. Maybe a Ferrari, like the one Sann drives in the video above?

    Perhaps Merrill and James were paying Wanzeler a visit at the exact time Google Maps took these photos. Or maybe Wanzeler is the Hummer owner, not Merrill. Difficult to know.

  5. Hello.
    The Goverment not accept a competition, all you have handled things right and they are and no one else can pass that barrier.

  6. Rodrigues has TWO Ferraris in his driveway (both appear to be 360 Modena, red and orange), according to a vimeo video touting him as TelexFree millionaire, as well as a MB SUV and an unidentified car, PLUS a Mansion in Florida.

  7. Francisco Sosa: The Goverment not accept a competition,

    Good luck with this storyline, Francisco.


  8. @ K. Chang:

    You’re almost right about his cars. Sann Rodrigues is got:

    – Red Ferrari F430 spider;
    – Orange Lamborghini Gallardo coupé;
    – Silver Mercedes-Benz CLS sedan;
    – Black Mercedes-Benz GL SUV.

    Plus the Florida Mansion. All that, of course, bought with other people’s money.

    Now imagine him having to sell it all. :-)

  9. Also, Sann Rodrigues’ Gallardo plates read “getrich123.com”, which is a website with private domain details that redirects to “telexfree.com/sann”.

    Before TelexFree recent website redesign, it would take you directly to register to Sann’s network on TelexFree. Now it only redirects to the company website.

  10. I think at least some of the cars can be seen here: