REPORTS: Dominican Man Despondent Over TelexFree Losses Found Unharmed

recommendedreading1There are reports in Dominican media and across Twitter that a Dominican man who contemplated taking his own life two weeks ago over TelexFree losses has been found unharmed.

The man reportedly was found near Santiago at the home of a relative and told police that thoughts of his children helped keep him from doing the unthinkable.

News that the man is safe appears to have led to an outpouring of relief on Twitter.



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One Response to “REPORTS: Dominican Man Despondent Over TelexFree Losses Found Unharmed”

  1. That “is” a great relief.
    And I hope his family understands why he made the choice to “invest”.
    There’s a difference between a man that steals to fill his pockets and the man the steals to feed his family.
    I’m also making an asumption of why he chose this path.
    But I think most of us would agree that there are knowing participants that will now claim victim to a ponzie scheme and those that really didn’t know at all.