UPDATE: Purported ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Convicted In Bizarre ‘Liens’ Caper Targeting Judges, Law Enforcement

From 2012.

From 2012.

We first wrote about Cherron Marie Phillips in November 2012, after she was arrested on charges that she had filed bogus liens against a chief U.S. District Judge, a U.S. District Judge, two U.S. Magistrate Judges, a former U.S. Attorney, an assistant U.S. Attorney, a federal court clerk, four federal Task Force officers and a federal agent.

All in all, Phillips allegedly sought the staggering sum of $1.2 trillion.

Things only got crazier from there.

By July 2013, a federal judge admonished Phillips by telling her that “I hesitate to rank your statements in order of just how bizarre they are.”

Now, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Phillips has been convicted of most of the charges against her. From the paper (italics added):

Following the verdict, U.S. District Judge Michael Reagan ordered Phillips taken into custody, calling her “a paper terrorist” who “will continue on her misguided bent” if he allowed her to remain free until her sentencing in October.

Also see the thread on Phillips at Quatloos.com.

Among other things, Quatloos covers scams involving “sovereign citizens.”


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