REPORT: Pyramid-Scheme Gang In China Uses Knives In Attack On Police

The South China Morning Post is reporting that police raiding a “pyramid-selling gang” in Guangyuan were attacked with knives.

At least two officers were stabbed when trapped in a room, the publication reported.

From the South China Morning Post, paraphrasing a report on the state-influenced People’s Daily website and information from the municipal public security bureau (italics added):

Witnesses said they saw the two policemen being carried from the room and their uniforms were bloodied. It appeared that they had been stabbed with knives.

The bureau said the policemen were mobbed by members of the pyramid-selling group and their batons and guns were taken from them.

Fifteen people reportedly were detained.


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  1. 7/7/14

    According to Xinhua News Agency, reporters has learned from PR department of provincial government of LiJou Precint, Guangyuan City, on July 4th, there was an assault on police by pyramid selling organization members. All 15 suspects are now in custody and is now being detained by police for criminal charges. Three wounded policemen are still in hospital.

    At 1900 huours on July 4th, Guangyuan City, LiJou Precint branch of public security has received a tip that illegal pyramid selling meeting is happening in their jurisdiction. Police went to the area and was assaulted by multiple people of the pyramid selling scheme, beaten, and their batons and guns taken, their duty interferred with by violence. One police fired into the air to no effect, and shot one of the suspects. The incident resulted in three police wounded.

    By 2000 hours on the 5th, all 15 suspects have been detained, one was already in hospital for treatment. All will be charged by the police for criminal acts, and all have confessed to the assault. The case will be further investigated.

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  3. Hmmm, they had the reason to fight for…

    Ginancial Fraud in China is a serious crime, can get death penalty for it.