Full Statement From Zeek Receiver On Motion To Certify Net Winner Class

EDITOR’S NOTE: Zeek receiver Kenneth D. Bell has issued the following statement (below). The original is here and is dated July 30, 2014. “RVG” stands for Rex Venture Group, the operator of Zeek. Zeek is alleged to be a Ponzi- and pyramid scheme that gathered on the order of $850 million. The receiver’s statement addresses U.S. domestic class-action claims against more than 9,000 alleged “winners.” Still engaging in willful blindness, pushing HYIP schemes and hoping to harvest “commissions” from them — and perhaps deluding yourself into believing there will be no consequences?

Zeek-related matters have been inside the courts for nearly two years, meaning the litigation is at an advanced stage compared to, say, TelexFree. Zeek’s history therefore may provide a roadmap of sorts on what’s in store downstream for the TelexFree “program” and certain insiders and promoters. On a side note, the trustee in the TelexFree bankruptcy case is seeking court approval to issue subpoenas to many businesses and people who came in contact with that “program.”  TelexFree, which operated in the United States, Brazil and other countries and appears to have gathered more than $1 billion, is known to have had promoters in common with Zeek. By one account, Zeek had 100,000 promoters in Brazil alone.

Bell is expected to file litigation against alleged international Zeek “winners.” How deeply that will touch Brazilian affiliates is unclear.

** Editor’s Note update at 2:08 p.m. Please see Comments thread below for possible Zeek promoter tie-ins to the Profitable Sunrise and Text Cash Network schemes. **

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Zeek receiver Kenneth D. Bell. December 2013 screen shot.

Zeek receiver Kenneth D. Bell. December 2013 screen shot.


On March 3, 2014, I announced the filing of a lawsuit to obtain the return of the money paid out to net winners in the ZeekRewards scheme in excess of the amount they paid into RVG. In that lawsuit, Kenneth D. Bell v. Todd Disner, et al., Civil Action No. 3:14-cv-91, I made claims against more than 10 of ZeekRewards’ largest “net winners” in the United States asking that the Court order them to repay the net winnings they received from the scheme. I also made class action claims against approximately 9,400 ZeekRewards net winners in the United States who each won more than $1,000.

Today, I have filed with the Court a motion asking the Court to certify this Net Winner Class and asked that the Court appoint one or more of the largest net winners sued by name as class representatives because they will, by virtue of their own defense to the same claims, be adequate and appropriate representatives for the rest of the Net Winner Class. Proposed Net Winner Class members are not required to file any response to the motion, but may, of course, discuss this matter with legal counsel if they choose to do so. The deadline for the named defendants to respond to the motion has been set for August 18, 2014.

A copy of the Motion to Certify the Net Winner Class and the Memorandum of Law in Support of the Receiver’s Motion to Certify the Class can be found here: Motion and Memorandum. Also, a list of those individuals whom the Receiver believes won more than $1,000 and therefore would be included in the Net Winner Class can be found here.

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3 Responses to “Full Statement From Zeek Receiver On Motion To Certify Net Winner Class”

  1. Quick note: David Frazer of Bryan, Ohio, is listed as an alleged Zeek winner.

    Longtime readers will recall the alleged David Frazer/Nancy Jo Frazer tie-ins to the Profitable Sunrise scheme.

    Some background:



  2. Quick note: Wouldn’t you know it? Also listed as an alleged Zeek winner is TCN CUSTOMER SERVICE INC of Boca Raton, Fla.

    TCN, among other things, is noted for having its name Photoshopped at the crown of a building in Boca Raton — a TelexFree-like play to create the illusion of scale.

    For background:


    We know that Phil Piccolo was involved in TCN. Also looks as though he was involved in Zeek, as Felix Angelo Piccolo.

    For background:



  3. Freebidsat Limited from Bryan, Ohio was also on the list of the 9,000. It made me think this was one of Nanci Jo’s companies, as we know she was in Zeek. I think she and David each had their own accounts in Zeek.