The Monumentally Alarming Tale Of ‘Secure Investment’

“Secure Investment lured customers by creating its own good reputation and by publishing a seemingly successful trading record on its elaborate website. It was all a lie. The company’s claims to have offices and a large staff were also false. At least some of its so-called customer testimonials were actually delivered by actors.” Bloomberg News, Nov. 13, 2014

From promo for 'Secure Investment' on YouTube.

From promo for ‘Secure Investment’ on YouTube.

Dear Readers,

We’re about to provide you a link to a Bloomberg News story on a purported Forex-trading entity known as “Secure Investment.” Get ready: You’re about to read the maximum tale of how a nation’s security and faith in the legitimate marketplace can be undermined by criminals (or worse).

We did a quick check. Sure enough, Secure Investment had a presence on Ponzi boards such as TalkGold and MoneyMakerGroup before it disappeared in May, possibly with $1 billion or more. At first glance, the Ponzi-board penetration appears not to have been particularly deep. Still there are “I got paid” posts, including one dated June 18, 2013. It says, “*** Great News ! *** You have successfully received money from a registered SolidTrust Pay member! Keep this email as your receipt.”

The purported SolidTrustPay sender’s email address was from Yahoo, not from the web domain.

SolidTrustPay operates from Canada and has been associated with more scams than one has time to count.

Congressional investigations over Secure Investment are a virtual certainty. The SEC, just yesterday, announced that yet-another scam trading on social media had plundered investors with a fantastical narrative about “1.5% daily returns for 100 days” and accompanying artifices to pull it off — things such as fake business addresses, fake names, fake domain registrations. That “program” was called “Profits Paradise” and allegedly was operating out of India.

“Profits Paradise” also had a presence on the Ponzi boards.

In terms of fantastical constructions, Secure Investment crushes Profits Paradise. As things stand, persons or persons unknown have consumed wealth on an epic scale.

Read the Bloomberg News story, which is being widely quoted by the financial media today. A YouTube promo for Secure Investment appears below. Please note the link to the promo is featured in the very first MoneyMakerGroup post about Secure Investment. The MoneyMakerGroup category was “MoneyMaking: Markets, Real Estate, Banking, and Investments » Forex » Technical & Fundamental Analysis, Daytrading, & Other Strategies.”

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3 Responses to “The Monumentally Alarming Tale Of ‘Secure Investment’”

  1. This ia also on Forbes:

    If I can spot a fraud in 15 minutes sitting at my computer then why aren’t the authorities similarly prompt in attacking such instances?

    A similar question could be applied to the “victims” of the ASD/Zeek/WCM etc etc frauds.

  2. Heh, how hard it is for Bloomberg to give the credit to me.

    They posted my bust on EddyCloyd and where i said where to find all of them:

  3. As for trying to find those scammers tracing bank wires.
    Not gonna work, old russian money laundering networks, all on shell companies registered on russian citizens who had no idea (identity theft).

    Bloomberg is most clueless when it comes to fraud.
    And they delete all my comments when you try to explain them who is who and how it works. All my comments on herbalife stories there were deleted, like
    they take the scammers side.